Frequently Asked Questions: Volume Topper

Frequently Asked Questions: Volume Topper

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I am very excited to answer all of your questions from my previous blog post on the Volume Topper. I hope you find this useful and I hope more people learn about this super awesome product that you need to get your hands on ASAP!

Let me tell you a secret, I use the Volume Topper quite often, especially on special occasions and other exciting adventures I go onto and after 8 months of wearing the Volume Topper I can tell you that no one has every asked me if I am wearing something artificial.

The Volume Topper is known for adding volume along with hiding your hair thinning, this is the main objective of the Volume Topper. Now let me break this down:

What is the Volume Topper made up of?

The Volume Topper is a mono-base topper. The mono-base is a fabric that is sheer and while it hides your hair thinning, it does it in such a way that it gives a scalp like feel to it.

Can the knots be visible with the Volume Topper?

Unless someone is standing unreasonably close to your scalp, like 10 cms away, they won't know you are wearing a topper. Also, why would someone stand 10cms close to your scalp?

What does the size 6x8 actually mean?

The Volume Topper we offer is in the size 6x8 which means that it is 6 inches wide and 8 inches in length. This cover pretty much your entire scalp. So if someone is suffering from extreme hair thinning, this one is the best option for you.

Can I get my Volume Topper coloured?

YES! You can take your Volume Topper to a specialist, get it coloured, or even get a haircut done with your topper on. You can customise your topper according to anyway that you find comfortable. And because this is real human hair, it can be coloured and recoloured very easily.

Can I wear hairstyles while wearing the Volume Topper?



The best part about the Volume Topper is its size. It is a free parting topper which means that you can part your hair however you like and yes you can make any hairstyles you want. We keep posting a lot of hairstyling videos on Instagram, be sure to check them out @gemeriaindia.

Can people with less or no thinning benefit from the Volume Topper?



Yes and yes. Our Volume Topper has admirers who have no hair thinning. The Volume Topper will give you 3 times the Volume you have on your hair. This means that the Volume Topper is designed so that you can have an easy hairstyling experience.

How does the Volume Topper work?

The Volume Topper is engineered to ensure that you have full coverage along with a natural looking volume to go with. So the Volume Topper to this end is hand knotted on mono-base filament fabric for a sheer and natural look along with wefts that are stitched across the volume topper to ensure the gorgeous volume that you see.

Can I use the Volume Topper everyday?



Yes. You can use the Volume Topper everyday without a doubt. Make sure you keep it safely away at night after you have used the topper so that you don't have to worry about styling it too much when you wear it again the next morning.

So that's about all the questions I could cover, if you still have doubts feel free to get in touch with me at

See you soon next time!

Nidhi xx

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