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Curly Clip-In BangsCurly Clip-In Bangs
Curly Clip-In Bangs
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Clip-In Bangs with SidesClip-In Bangs with Sides
Clip-In Bangs with Sides
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Clip-In BangsClip-In Bangs
Clip-In Bangs
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Frequently Asked Questions!

If your hair is layered in the front, you can go with Classic Gemeria Clip-In Bangs. If you have long hair, layered or not - you might not have the sides to match your bangs. Here's where Gemeria Clip-In Bangs with Sides will come to your rescue

Yes, these are 100% real human hair, we source our hair from South Indian Temples.

Bangs are versatile and they work with virtually every possible hair texture, you can even curl it since it is real human hair.

Yes, you can wash it but frequent washes is not necessary, wash only when it is required. Cut it if its too long for your forehead. You can color it as well except the Jet/Dark Black which is dyed. We would recommend you took it to the salon instead of coloring it yourself. Please visit our hair care page to know more!

Match the bangs color with your scalp hair(roots) color, not with the ends. As our ends are always lighter than the roots. If you have brown hint then go for natural black, otherwise Jet/Dark Black or Natural Brown if you little brown hair. Tip: Check your hair color in the natural sunlight. Still confused? Send us your hair pictures in natural lighting we will help you out.

Order processing is around one week for bangs and shipping is 2-6 days. We provide only store credit(coupon code) on returned items. Please check our policies in footer section for more information.