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Curly Clip-In Bangs
Curly Clip-In Bangs
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clip in side bangs clip in side bangs
Clip-In Bangs with Sides
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Clip-In Bangs Clip-In Bangs
Clip-In Bangs
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4 colors available

Looking for a way to transform your appearance?

Why not try
clip-in bangs hair. Easy and simple to attach, comfortable to wear and available in different sizes according to your needs, the Clip-in bangs will provide a new look to you very fast. Order it today from Gemeria, Now!

What are Clip-In bangs

The Clip-in Bangs are the type of hair extensions that get attached to your hair with the help of clips and create an illusion of you having bangs. They are in different styles. 

What are the benefits of clip-in Bangs

There are multiple benefits of clip-in bangs: 

  • They can help you with experimentation with different bang styles. 
  • You don’t need to change your hairstyle permanently with these bangs 
  • They are much more economical than visiting a salon and trying different hair products. 
  • Feel a more fuller and lively experience with these clip-in bangs hair due to added volume and texture. 
  • Get a more flattering and fresh appearance with the clip-in bangs 
  • With a versatile look, the Clip-In Bangs hair extensions can be used for different occasions. 

How to use clip-in bangs

It’s super easy to use clip-in bangs: 

  • Firstly, part your hair from the center and just clip in the topmost section. 
  • Now, place the clip-in bangs directly on your forehead and align the bangs with your temple and your hairline. Secure the hair with the clips for the clip-in bangs. 
  • Release the top section and blend the clip in bangs. You can also trim the bangs or curl them according to your style. 

Can I Cut my own bangs

The bangs can be cut, but follow these tips for doing it: 

  • Use sharper scissors specially designed for cutting hair. 
  • Always cut the bangs when they are dry. As wet hair shrinks, it’s better to cut the bangs when they are dry. 
  • Always cut the bangs a little less as you desire as you can retrim them more if you want. 
  • For a more natural and softer look, cut your bangs at a certain angle and not across straight. 
  • Cut the bangs into small sections for better precision and control. 

Can I wash and style clip-in bangs like my own hair

These hair extensions can be washed just like natural hair but extra care is needed to maintain and properly dry them. Also, washing these extensions separately can be a better way for them. As these are real hair sourced from the Clip-In Bangs hair extension India they can be styled as well accordingly. 

How to choose your clip-in bangs color

Choosing the right color is the right step in creating the style you want from Clip-In Bangs hair. 

Some tips to choose the Clip-In Bangs hair extensions

  • You should color-match the Clip-in bangs according to the color of the roots. This will provide a great blend with your hair. 
  • If your hair has lowlights or highlights, then choose the color clip-in bang hair extension that matches the dominant color of your hair. This will create depth in your hair and a great look. 
  • If you want to add a little bit of color to give them a different flair and new style then you should be choosing a Clip-in Bang that has a unique color. 

How to store and care for your clip-in bangs

  • Always wash these hair bangs with gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • If possible, do not use a hair dryer, but you still have to use the dryer at normal temperature and on a flat surface. 
  • Use heat tools with extreme caution, as they can damage this hair. 
  • Always store these bangs in the original packaging, and always comb your hair to avoid tangling, stretching, or folding. 

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1.How to use clip‐in bangs?
The clip-in bangs are a set of human hair that is used for spicing up the looks for any occasion. Use the Gemeria’s Clip-in bang for different styles and occasions. To use the Clip-in bangs:
  • Part the hair from the center.
  • Then use the clips to put it into place.
  • Blend the clip-in bangs with your natural hair.
  • 2. What are the tips to care for clips in hair extensions?

    Follow these tips for care of Clip in hair extensions:

  • Use sulfate free shampoo to wash them and use a good conditioner afterwards.
  • Always air dry them in a flat way.
  • To avoid tangling etc. always brush them.
  • Avoid head styling as much as possible.
  • 3. Are clip-in bangs easy to install and style?
    The answer to this is Yes, the Clip-in bangs are very easy to install. You just need to part your hair, use the clips to attach and securely and just blend these for a natural look. (use it in 7 set )
    4. How do I attach a clip-in bangs ?
    Firstly, brush your hair along with the clip-in bangs. After that, divide your hair into horizontal sections and later secure the bangs with the clip. Then attach the clip to the roots for a better look. (use this in 7 set)

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