Well, it can be defined in one line as well, ‘care for your hair extensions like your own hair!’ However here are some things to keep in mind as well:

  • Since hair extensions do not get consistent nourishment from the scalp like natural hair, it is important to choose the right products to keep your extensions looking and feeling luxurious. We recommend at least choose alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, as these ingredients can dry the hair out, leading to frizziness, matting, or tangling.
  • We do not recommend wearing your extensions while sleeping, showering, swimming, or doing physical activity.  
  • We recommend brushing your extensions before and after use, as well as throughout the day with a paddle brush or detangling hairbrush or wide tooth comb to avoid any knots or breakage.
  • When brushing your extensions, brush the hair from bottom to top to gently loosen and smoothen any tangles in the hair.
  • Hair extensions do not receive natural oils from the scalp like our own hair, they do not need to be washed very often. We suggest only washing your Gemeria Clip-in Extensions every 20-25 wear or when there is too much product build-up and they become unmanageable to style. Please keep in mind that the less you wash your Gemeria Clip-ins, the longer they will last you.
  • Since Gemeria Clip-ins are colored hair as well like our own, so it will fade. For prolonging the hair color try to use color protectant shampoo and conditioner while washing, but as already suggested frequent washes aren’t needed!
  • It is important to store hair neatly to prevent any further tangling or damage when you’re not using your extensions.
How to Wash!!!