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natural-straight-silk-base-full-head-wig natural-straight-silk-base-full-head-wig
Full Head Wig | Silk Base Part | Natural Straight
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3 colors available

silk-base-natural-wavy-full-head-wig silk-base-natural-wavy-full-head-wig
Full Head Wig | Silk Base Part | Natural Wavy
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3 colors available

straight-half-head-wig straight-half-head-wig
Half Head Wig | Straight
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2 colors available

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deep-curly-half-head-wig deep-curly-half-head-wig
Deep Curly Half Head Wig
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half-head-wig-natural-wavy half-head-wig-natural-wavy
Half Head Wig | Natural Wavy
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2 colors available

Brown Balayage Half Head Wig Brown Balayage Half Head Wig
Barrel Brown Balayage | Half Head Wig
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caramel-brown-balayage-half-head-wig caramel-brown-balayage-half-head-wig
Caramel Brown Balayage | Half Head Wig
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Ash brown half head wig Ash brown half head wig
Ash Brown Balayage | Half Head Wig
Sale priceFrom Rs. 25,999.00
chocolate-brown-balayage-half-head-wig chocolate-brown-balayage-half-head-wig
Chocolate Brown Balayage | Half Head Wig
Sale priceFrom Rs. 25,999.00
Light ash brown half head wig Light ash brown half head wig
Light Ash Brown Balayage | Half Head Wig
Sale priceFrom Rs. 25,999.00

Human Hair Wigs Maintenance

Cancer patients and people with hair fall and hair thinning issues lose all their confidence and find it hard to be socially active. Especially women as in our society an essential aspect of a beautiful woman is her long voluminous hair. 

Our Hair wigs for girls work wonderfully in enhancing natural beauty and regaining trust and confidence, whether for special occasions or everyday wear. But to make the most out of a wig one must maintain and care for your natural hair wigs is highly important if you want to use them for a longer period of time. Different types of wigs need distinct care requirements. 

Properly maintaining your human hair wigs is very important for the usual and natural look. 

  • Avoid excessive heat styling, as high temperatures can damage hair wigs.

  • Use heat-protectant products and opt for low or medium-heat settings when using styling tools.
  • Start from the end and work your way up to minimize breakage.
  • Wash the wigs regularly with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Remove the wig before sleeping, for a comfort sleep and for longevity of the wig

It's very important to follow the care instructions given by the wig provider. So girls,
by following the routine care of your human hair wigs, you can easily enhance their lifespan and flawless look. 

Different Types of Wigs for Girls

Are you looking to get a new look and make people stop and look at you on every street? Different hair wigs for women provide you with a different charming look. Here are the best 5 types of hair wigs suitable for every occasion: 

  • Remy Human hair wigs

Remy human hair wigs are the best high-quality wigs of all. You can easily cut, style, dye, and curl it amazingly. It's distinct as compared to other regular human hair wigs because the cuticle layer is intact. Gemeria hair brand gives you the great feeling and pleasure of wearing modern human hair wigs. It's healthier, smoother, and shinier as compared to other hair wigs for women as well as gives the feeling of natural hair. 

  • Synthetic Hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are made up of synthetic materials . Synthetic hair wigs are cheaper human hair wigs and look good. However when touched, they don’t feel very real and their lifespan is also less than the human hair wigs. But yet they can be an ok alternative to human haor wigs if you want a bit more cheaper and don’t wear it much.

  • Human Hair wigs

Human hair wigs give an authentic look as they are prepared from the top natural hairs. These types of wigs are seriously amazing. Human hair wigs are considered to be more costlier than any wig made from synthetic hairs. The quality that you get depends on the price you pay for wigs. And this wig is worth every single penny that you pay for it. Always try to select and purchase hair wigs from reputable suppliers like Gemeria hair brand, the provider of best quality hair wigs with 100% hand-tied wigs. 

  • Full lace wigs

These are made on a full-sized lace cap and also include strips to stick the adhesives. These types of wigs are a bit more expensive than a standard wig but they are highly worth the price and also last for a longer and versatile time. A full lace wig must be chosen if you are looking to have a regular realistic look.  

  • 100% Hand Tied Wigs

100% Hand hand-tied wigs are where the strands are and tied to the cap. Both synthetic and human hair wigs are hand-tied and give you an emphasized original look. This method of making wigs gives a more natural-looking appearance as compared to machine-made wigs. You can easily change the look and enjoy more styling options. 


1.How do I choose the right wig color for my skin tone?
Different skin tones require a distinct wig color that effectively suits the particular person. To choose the right wig color, consider finding your skin tone whether they are warm (warm brown shade), cool (cool brown or black with blue undertones), or neutral (can give experiment to a variety of colors).
2.Are human hair wigs for girls better than synthetic wigs?

The choice between human hair wigs or synthetic wigs truly depends upon the preference, budget, and requirements.

  • Human hair wigs: They offer a natural feel and appearance with different styling options and can easily last for longer with proper care. They are generally expensive. Gemeria hair brand comes up with different styles of human hair wigs.
  • Synthetic wigs: Synthetic wigs are cheaper and are good for people who don’t want to wear them on a regular basis as they don’t last very long and need to be changed very often. When looked at closely and on touching one can tell that it is not real hair. And they also don’t allow a lot of stylings, thus if you need something cheap to wear on casual occasions then synthetic hair wigs can be a good option.
3.How do I care for human hair wigs?
Proper care is important for extending the life of a human hair wig. Care includes proper washing, dying, and styling every day to achieve the best-required appearance.
4.How to carry Wigs safely while travelling?
While travelling, keeping wigs in a suitcase or bag without any protection gives you a frizzy, damaged wig. The best way to keep your wig safely is to put it in a silk bag before keeping it in a suitcase. This will keep it secure from getting caught in zippers, buttons, and other hazards in your suitcase.
5. Are there wigs for women with sensitive scalps?

Obviously yes, there are special wigs designed for women with sensitive scalps. These are made from substances that are gentle and reduce scalp irritation. Therefore, always prefer choosing the wigs after analyzing them better.

6.How much do human hair wigs cost in India?

The price of human hair wigs in India can highly vary based on different factors such as hair type, quality, style, length, and brand.

7.Can I Wear wigs every day?

Yes, you can formally wear wigs everyday depending on your preferences. But before that, It's highly essential to prevent any damage to your natural hair.

8. How long do human hair wigs last?
The lifespan of a human hair wig can vary significantly depending upon the quality of the wig, how it's being cared for, as well as how instantly it's worn. Generally, human hair lasts for 1-2 years or even longer depending upon the care and maintenance.


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