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Clip-In Faux Bun | Curly Hair Bun
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Salt & Pepper | Grey | Faux Scrunchie Bun
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Faux hair Bun, Messy Bun, Fake Bun, Scrunchie Bun....well, well! whatever you name it. This human hair bun will give your real bun ... an effortless look! Just put it, pull and twist it, done! It's as easy as it sounds. A product that caters to every age! 

    What is a human hair scrunchie?

    A human hair scrunchie or faux hair bun is a hair accessory that is created by Gemeria Hair using real human hair that can be wrapped around your ponytail or your bun to provide a better style and more volume. The human hair scrunchie also blends well with your natural hair and they are super easy to use.

    Types of faux hair bun

    The faux hair buns come in many styles and forms that blend well with your natural hair and provide a more voluminous and better appeal and style to the bun style. The bun comes in different styles, shapes, and colors along with textures to suit your occasion and preference. Some of the types of faux hair buns are curly, wavey, messy, braided, sleek, straight, and more. 

    How to use faux hair bun

    To use the bun follow this procedure:

    • Firstly, tie your natural hair fully into a bun or a ponytail. You can also use a bobby pin or hair tie to make a bun. 
    • Then you can easily wrap the faux bun around your natural bun and fasten the faux bun using the clips or elastic band. Make sure that the faux bun covers your natural bun fully and blends well with your natural hair. 
    • Finally, adjust the size and shape of the bun according to your desired look. You can also pull some strands out to give a pure natural look.

    Maintenance tips for human hair scrunchie

    The human hair scrunchie requires more care and maintenance. Here are some of the important maintenance tips for human hair scrunchie: 

    • Always wash the hair scrunchie with mild shampoo, use a mild conditioner once in a while and then let them dry naturally. Never twist or rub them harshly as this can tangle the hair and does shedding as well.  
    • Avoid styling the buns using heat-styling tools. If necessary use these heat styling tools for curling the scrunchie or straighten them you can do that in the lowest heat settings only. 
    • Also, avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the strands and decrease the quality of the hair. 
    • If you are storing the human hair scrunchie then store that in a dry and cool place away from moisture and sunlight. You can use the satin or silk bag to keep them smooth and soft. 

    Through these maintenance tips, you can prolong the lifespan of a human hair scrunchie.

    Styling ideas for faux human hair bun

    There are many different styling ideas for human hair fake bun. Let’s check these out:

     Glamorous & elegant look: If you want the true glamor and Indian look use the faux bun for creating the top knot or a high bun. This hairstyle can make you look sophisticated and chic and can also accentuate facial features. You can also opt for contrasting textures or colors to have some interest. If you want to accessorize your hairstyle with the faux hair bun then use hair clips or bands or clips. 

    Casual & relaxed look: For this look you can either opt for a side bun or the low bun. This can provide a cute and cozy style that looks natural and effortless. You can get the faux bun that’s styled as messy, wavy, or curly to add some movement and volume to your hair. 

    Playful and fun look: Give yourself a playful and fun look with the half down and half up look from the faux bun. This type of hairstyle can provide the style from both worlds: the easiness cause of your hair up along with the beauty of having your hair down. You can also opt for the faux bun that’s braided, knotted, or twisted to provide a great texture and a unique style to the hair. You can also go for the mixing and matching of different colors along with the faux hair buns for the creation of a unique look.

    These are some of the best styles to have with faux hair buns. These provide a truly elegant appeal and voluminous bun look you always desired. Get your style today from Gemeria Hair.


        1. How to choose the right color of faux hair bun?
        You can choose the right color of faux bun by simply matching the faux hair bun color to your natural hair color or you can go for a contrasting color for a fun and bold look.
        2. Are human hair scrunchies comfortable to wear?

        Yes, the human hair scrunchies are very comfortable to wear as these are made from real human hair and just feel like your natural hair. They also provide a smooth texture and soft appeal.

        3. Can you wear a fake hair bun with short hair?
        Yes, you can wear a fake hair bun with short hair as long as you have enough natural hair for tying a bun or a ponytail. You can use clips or bobby pins to secure the bun in place.
        4. How long do human hair scrunchies last?
        This directly depends upon your care and maintenance. Human hair scrunchies can last for a long time if you take good care of them and maintain them well.
        5. How to care for a human hair scrunchie?

        Follow this simple procedure to care for human hair scrunchie:

      • Use gentle and mild shampoo and conditioner to wash the scrunchie and condition it for softness.
      • Never use any harsh chemicals as they can damage the hair in a scrunchie.
      • Always air dry and naturally dry the scrunchie after washing.
      • Avoid using heat styling on the Scrunchie. If needed, always use these heat tools with the lowest heat level settings.
      • 6. Where to buy high quality human hair scrunchie?

        Gemeria Hair provides you with the highest quality real human hair sourced from the most religious and auspicious temples of South India. From sourcing and making the human hair scrunchie Gemeria Hair believes in providing the best to their customers. You can shop it here at Gemeriahair.in

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