Hair Hack -  Save Your Hair From Static

Hair Hack - Save Your Hair From Static

As seasons change there are a whole bunch of things that can happen to your hair and one of them is the notorious static. Static can be experienced by anyone and everyone, irrespective of whether or not you use hair extensions. This blog is to help you understand what static really is and then figure out ways in which we can deal with this anti-hair monstrosity.

Static electricity in your hair can be one of those party poopers, setting your hair array in all directions. This is a quite natural phenomenon, it is basically an imbalance in the number of positive and negative charges. These, as opposed to popular opinion, are not seasonal and can happen any time, though they are quite outrageous during the winters.

Do not underestimate what this can do to your hair. Static will make it impossible to wear hats and scarves without ruining your hair. Our hair is by the rule of thumb negatively charged so it is easier to experience static on your hair as opposed to the rest of the body. The balance between charges needs to be restored to make sure that your hair does well throughout the day, without you needing to check the mirror every fifteen minutes!

People with thin or frizzy hair will experience this more often. It is also often seen in people who have dryness in their hair - lack of moisture plays a very vital role in how we deal with our hair throughout the day. But you absolutely do not need to worry because we have solutions that will help you achieve your perfect hair style with zilch static.

Now let's find a solution to this:

The basic idea is to keep the charges balanced and there are various ways in which you can do this:

  1. Use Aluminium Foil:

Now we know that it sounds a little strange but aluminum foil can take away all the negative charges that have become a part of your currently messed up hair and focus on taking your hair back to its natural disposition.

Here all you need to do is take a piece of foil in your hand, the size of a small handkerchief, and start using it to gently rub down your hair with it. Take little portions of your hair and run them down with the foil.

The foil will absorb all the negative charges and your hair will look normal.

It is important to note that you canโ€™t use the same piece of foil to discharge static from your hair again as the foil gets to a balanced state by absorbing the negative charges. Make sure you have spare foil tucked into your purse. A swipe and you are ready!

  1. Sprinkle some water:

Using the foil can be really helpful and will definitely help you calm down those strands but in order to make sure your hair doesnโ€™t frizz out again, you need to increase moisture in your hair.

The best way to do this is by sprinkling some water on your hair and then gently smoothing your hair out with it. This is has nothing to do with the charges but it has a long-lasting effect on the hair.

So this is more like a step 2 following the foil treatment. On its own water is extremely helpful but using too much of water will also make your hair go haywire so it is necessary that you follow our instructions carefully.ย 

  1. Use hair serum

Hair serums contain tonnes of moisture and that is exactly what we need to stop static from lifting your hair up again. Hair serums in general are very beneficial for your hair so it is a win-win when you use them.ย 

You just need to make sure that the serum that you are using complements your hair, in order to ensure that your look for the day is not compromised.

Hair serum also protects your hair from damage, helps your straightened or curled hair stand out, and is a wonderful product if your hair is prone to tangles (honestly all of our hair is prone to tangles because we often keep them open and the wind has dirty tricks up its sleeves.ย 

  1. Dryer Sheet

If your frizz is extreme and out of control, use a dryer sheet - the regular dryer sheet to make sure that all the imbalance negative charges are drained from your hair. This works like magic but we only recommend it if the frizz is really very high and uncontrollable.

These are our tried and tested hacks and they work 100% both on your natural hair and on your hair extensions (like the hair extensions we provide which are cent percent virgin real human hair). You can most definitely use these on the extensions that you have purchased. Just to keep things smooth and easy-going. Make sure you treat your extensions before you wear them for a smoother finish.

Thatโ€™s all for today, make sure you sign up so that you donโ€™t miss these super important hair hacks and be the first one to receive updates around our trials, giveaways, and a lot of other fun stuff. Leave a review if you have already purchased your hair extensions online. If youโ€™re confused about choices you can directly send us a WhatsApp message from the chatbox on your bottom right, or DM us on Instagram.ย 

Please check out our video if you have any confusion around how to do this by yourself. The most important thing is to achieve the desired look in a short time.


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