Perfect Way to Choose the Right Hair Extension

Perfect Way to Choose the Right Hair Extension

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Our goal at Gemeria is to make you experience your most fabulous self. That's why we offer a variety of DIY clip-in extensions in a variety of hues and only use the highest-quality hair - all to help you get the length and fullness you desire. However, if you're unfamiliar with hair extensions, we understand that deciding what to buy might be difficult.

Our customer care staff is always pleased to assist, but we also thought it would be good to put together this handy little article - think of it as the definitive guide to choosing the best hair extensions. So please sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the process. Let's get started!



Before we can help you to choose the appropriate hair extension, we need to know what kind of natural hair you have.


What is your hair texture? Pull a stray strand from your brushes or run your fingers through your hair to find one. Then, to determine your texture type, compare it to the diagram below.


What is the length of your hair? Many of our clients have hair loss or breakage, so don't be discouraged if you're experiencing these problems; we're here to assist! Put your hair together, is it the volume that you desire, do you wish it was thicker? There’s your answer.


Let's discuss hair health next. Is your hair on the drier side? Have you never colored your hair before, or do you touch it up every few weeks? Is your hair damaged or prone to breaking due to I- tips or any type of permanent extensions? Keep these points in mind before we continue with our definitive guide to choosing hair extension.


    Now it's time to get to the exciting part: deciding what you want from your clip-in hair extensions


    If you are dealing with hair thinning and damage, you'll most likely want to add volume with extensions. Gemeria 3 Set Clip-In Volumizer is the best choice. It is ideal for individuals who desire more volume to their hair.


    We include three - sets to give you that gloriously abundant volume and the fabric wefts give your hair an additional lift at the roots. They come in various lengths ranging from 12" to 30", allowing you to increase both size and volume if desired!

    So you're getting that extra volume from the root to the ends.


    Congratulations if your hair is already thick! You may concentrate on adding length rather than worrying about volume. We have half head clip-in wigs in sizes ranging from 16" to 26", so you'll have the option of adding flowing waves to your hair.


    It is a seamless and invisible hairline that looks like it is coming out from your roots. It will also blend perfectly in your very short hair without any hassle, unlike 7 set extensions, which is a tedious task to blend!


    We'd be remiss if we didn't mention color matching in our hair extension buying advice. Choosing the right color might be difficult, but we're here to assist! You can be color-matched in two different ways. Take natural-light photos of the front, back, and sides of your hair, then send them via one of the following methods:

    • Direct on our website.
    • Do us on Instagram.


    Ponytail Extensions

    At this stage, you could already have a product in mind. But, just in case you're still on the fence, here's a brief rundown of each of our extension kinds. Ponytails are one of everyone's favorite hairstyles.


    Gemeria clip-in ponytail extensions are available in all colors and 16" or 24" lengths. These are a wonderful alternative if you frequently wear a ponytail.

    Because you don't have to worry about disguising the tracks, they're considerably faster and easier to make than a pony with traditional extension wefts.

    Halo Extensions

    An innovative adjustable stretch-wire band to comfortably hug your crown area includes two attached clips for that extra security.


    Due to the stretched wire, it won’t feel heavy comfortable to wear the whole day. Wear your hair open, or you can do some braids, but nothing much due to the band laying on your scalp. Best suited for below shoulder-length hair, short hair ladies will need more weft and hair to create a seamless blend.

     Hair Toppers

    Topper covers your thinning while giving enough volume to the sides and little at the back, so hair topper is good for someone who wants to cover the baldness, wide parting, front area thinning, and doesn't want too much volume. It will cover your crown area, thinning from the backside.


    No thinning or receding hairline? Just get these to add a touch of volume to your head for your oily hair days or non-hair wash days!

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