How to wear Gemeria Single Clip In Highlights At Home

How to wear Gemeria Single Clip In Highlights At Home

Hi girls

This is your girl Nidhi and today we're gonna talk about something super exciting!!! 

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”
― Pablo Picasso

There are few inventions in fashion that match the fabulousness of Gemeria Clip In Extensions, except perhaps the highlighter. It's as easy to turn up the glam and as impactful in bringing out the best in you. Now let me walk you through what Single Clip In Extensions actually are.

We use 100% real human hair that comes from a single donor, sourced from South Indian temples. We then process this hair for quality and then use our color experts to find the perfect mix of colors. Another team of colorists then colors this hair, the roots are black to match your hair and the rest of the hair has a color gradient that will match the general coloring process.

Now once this process is completed they are then turned into little bunches, sewn with the best technological machinery into seamlessness. Seamlessness ensures that there are no bumps when you wear them and blend perfectly with your natural hair.

We sell Gemeria Single Clip In Highlights as a one piece, this is because we are all unique and the way we wear highlights is different too. It also depends on your head size, hair volume (the Gemeria Single Clip In Highlights will also add volume to your hair - cherry on the cake amirite?). It also matters which hairstyles you want to create when you are using the Gemeria Single Clip-In Highlights.

You've got to know that you can make any hairstyle while wearing the highlights. You can make a ponytail or a bun (use the Gemeria Faux Bun to get the best messy bun girls) or anything and everything that you'd like.

Your Gemeria Single Clip-In Highlights are versatile, You can straighten them, curl them or even crimp them as you like. These are washable but you can go on for months without washing them as they do not need so much washing and if you wash them less, the color will last really really long.

The beauty of this product lies in the color palette that has been designed by our Head of Product Development and Co-Founder. Mani has considered the taste of the Indian audience and there is something for everyone over here.

We have a whole range of browns that can be worn in a corporate or office environment, a place where you want style but want to keep it low-key. Then there are colors that will go well with Indian outfits, for weddings, family gatherings, etc. Then comes the funk and the funk is high here with popping beautiful colors like Lavender or Melon Red that belong on the dance floor.



The gorgeousness of these is that they are super duper easy to use.

First, you need to decide what parting you're going to have for your look. Once you have decided that you need to make another parting that is one and a half inches away from your decided parting.

You take a single piece, one of the tic tack clip, and place it a centimeter away from your new parting, into your hair. It will slide in easily because the clip comes with a cute little comb that will help hold onto your hair.

Now you close the tic tac clip. Flip your hair back to the first parting you decided and voila you now have highlights.

We recommend that you use three-four Gemeria Single Clip-In Highlights on either side of your decided parting in order to make sure that your highlights are gorgeously visible as well as blended.

Once you have put on the highlights, comb them over and you can also use straightening/ curling heating, tools to make the blending even more seamless.  

 Now that you are ready to recommend, do us a favor, click your best self and post it online with our hashtag #gemeriahair because we love seeing you guys rock these gorgeous colors.

If you still have any doubts as to how you can wear or blend your Gemeria Clip In Extensions go to our YouTube channel, it has all the products that you need along with a complete catalog of a lot of our really cool products.

Follow us on Instagram to get updates on our new color launches, you might find the one and only over there!

See you next time GEMS!

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