Wig vs. Hair Extensions

Wig vs. Hair Extensions: Which Is the Better Option for You?

Hair extensions are the next boom in the hair care industry. The product is super helpful for people who are suffering from hair loss or want to add thickness to it. People also use hair extensions to give volume to their hair and wear style without damaging their real hair.

But why are hair extensions even on the market where we see wigs? Are hair extensions better than wigs, or do people just want to hop on a trendy item like every other time?

In this blog, we have explained wigs and hair extensions in detail. You will also understand what you really need to fulfil your purpose.

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What is Wig?

What is Wig

Wig are made of artificial hair. People use it for covering their heads or changing looks for better presentation. They come in different types, colours, textures, and sizes.

Types of wigs:

There are two types of wigs out there on the market. The first one is made up of real human hair, and the second one is synthetic hair.

Real human hair wigs offer versatility, natural looks, and comfort. Synthetic hair wigs use artificial fibres that are low-cost and low-maintenance. Synthetic hair extensions or wigs also have fewer styling options, and they wear out quickly.

Pros of using wigs:

  • They are versatile and offer different shades of colour for hairstyles.
  • These are quick and effortless to carry. It also saves you time.
  • They allow you to go with different experimental looks.
  • It helps you conceal baldness and hair loss.
  • It safeguards your natural hair from heat and pollution damage.

Cons of Using Wigs:

  • You may find wearing wigs uncomfortable.
  • Wigs can be expensive, especially if they are high-quality.
  • They require care, cleaning, and styling to last a long time.
  • It is tough to get a totally natural appearance.

Reasons why people prefer wigs:

  • People find them easy to wear and switch hairstyles.
  • They help hide the baldness from medical hair loss.
  • Wigs are quick and don't force you to show extra effort each time.
  • They protect your natural hair from damage.
  • Wearing wigs can help you with enhanced self-esteem and better looks.

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What are Hair Extensions?

What are hair extensions

Hair extensions are like artificial hair strands but come as an add-on to your natural hair. They come in different types, considering their attachment methods.

Types of hair extensions: 

There are several types of hair extensions as you can see below. 

Types of Hair Extensions

1. Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions get temporarily attached to your natural hair using clips. You can use them anywhere with ease. 

2. Tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions come with tape attachment and you must sandwich them into your real hair. They are too easy to wear and carry. 

3. Weave hair Extensions

Weave hair Extensions must be braided with your natural braids. They provide you with better strength & more secure look with the extension. 

4. Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions come in small bundles. The stylists attach their hair strands with natural hair using adhesives like keratin or glue. These are permanent hair extensions. 

5. Micro-link extensions

Micro-link extensions are used with tiny beads or links in small sections of hair. These are semi-permanent hair extensions. 

6. Halo hair extensions

Halo hair extensions are created with the help of wire and a single weft of hair. These wires sit on the top of your head. This gives you thicker hair. 

Pros of Using Hair Extensions: 

  • They offer instant longer & thicker hair to all users. 
  • People can try different hairstyles, colours, and textures without causing any damage to their natural hair. 
  • Hair extensions are good for a quick transformation in a short time for special days. 
  • You can add highlights without damaging your natural hair. 
  • Some types of hair extensions are low-maintenance. 

Cons of Using Hair Extensions: 

  • Quality hair extensions are somehow expensive. You also need to consider the maintenance cost as well.
  • The extension can cause damage to your natural hair if not attached properly. 
  • It takes longer to install some types of hair extensions, such as sew-in or tape-in, and you might also need to get expert assistance.
  • They may be uncomfortable to wear, especially if you have never worn them before. 

Why People choose hair extensions: 

  1. People want longer hair instantly without waiting for natural growth. 
  2. Hair extensions are an easy way to add thickness & volume. 
  3. These are great for people who like to experiment with their hairstyles, textures, and colours. 
  4. These are good choices for making an impression at any event. 
  5. They are good cover for many hair issues such as patchy baldness or medical hair loss. 
  6. Hair extensions help you keep up with the latest trends.
  7. Hair extensions boost confidence in individuals. 
  8. A hair extension helps you save time for daily styling. 

Factors to consider when choosing wigs or hair extensions: 

Feature Wig Hair Extensions
Cost Cost More Upfront Variable cost; dependent on type
Durability Last longer with proper care Last a maximum of 6-12 months
Styling Option Come pre-styled; fewer options for changes More versatile options
Maintenance Require regular cleaning & care Comparatively low maintenance

Which option is right for you 

Hair extensions and wigs are two very different products. Though both do the same work of hiding your baldness or giving a new look to you, both of them certainly have some critical differences. 

You can go with anyone you like. Some people are not very comfortable with the non-sticky wigs that are very easy to take off and on. They want something permanent for their hair. Hair extension is a great option for them. 

While buying a wig or a hair extension, take care of your budget and needs. Double-check what you want from the head cover and buy it. 

There are several kinds of hair extensions available at Gemeria Hair- temporary & permanent. Temporary hair extensions allow you to use them as per your comfort. The permanent one gets attached to your natural hair and stays there as long as it lasts. 

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Human Hair extensions and Human hair wigs both are great options for hiding baldness, getting a new look, and making an impressive look at events. Both work great and it totally depends on your choice and comfort to choose one.

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