Free Training

Gemeria For Professionals program has been designed to ensure that both hairstylists (including freelancers) and customers benefit from our quality products. To this end, we make sure that our customers visit hairstylists that sign up for our program. Hairstylists are given FREE training to make sure they install our products efficiently. They are also given monetary benefits for the same.

Introducing The Ultimate Professional Kit

The Ultimate Professionals Kit has the most important tools that a professional hairstylist will require in order to install hair extensions with absolute accuracy. We have designed this in a manner that makes the usage of these tools as simple as possible. Cherry on the cake is the fact that we offer free training to help you learn using these tools, if you aren't familiar with them already.

Gem Links Kit

The Gem Links kit is designed to help you attach and detach micro/nano rings successfully. This is made in a manner that is easy for hairstylists and brings accurate and long-lasting effects. Our Links Kit contains:

Looper and plier kit: designed to help you safely attach and detach extensions, these look like regular pliers but they are an engineering marvel and will become your staple when it comes to extension services. These are no hassle-pliers - which means that they are made specifically to help you make installations with finesse.

Micro Rings and Nano Rings that are required to attach extensions are also a part of this kit, these are specially made for our professional audience and are very easy and pliable.

Gem Tape Kit

The GEM TAPE KIT is designed for the taping technique of installation and they are quite popular with hair professionals everywhere. This particular technique requires a whole different universe of equipment and the good news is that we are making them available for our GEM Professionals. Our Taping Kit contains:

Tape Plier: The Taping process requires a different kind of plier, a regular hair plier will mess with the quality of your work. This plier is made to deal with the adhesive that goes into taping.

Tape Remover Machine: The Tape Remover is necessary as youโ€™ll need to remove prior extensions before installing new ones. This is pure gold and is very durable, so will last you a long while.

Tape Bond Remover: Tape bond remover is a must-have, it deals with adhesive removal while making sure that hair does not get damaged as you work through the clientโ€™s hair.

Gem Fusion Kit

The Gem Fusion Kit is designed for the fusion process of installing hair extensions. This process needs a lot of attention as the primary tool here is the glue which can get messy if not handled professionally. To make things simpler, we have put together the most important equipment that will make the process smoother for you. This kit contains:

Fusion Connectors: Fusion Connectors will act as the intermediate product between the extensions and the clientโ€™s natural hair

Glue Bond Breaker: This is used to remove prior Fusion Extensions, without this product - working on extension removal is impossible

Keratin Glue: Keratin Glue is made by our engineers to ensure that no damage is done while you install the hair extensions. This is a meticulous process and it needs the expertise of both the product and the stylist to create the desired look.