Classic | 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions | Straight
Classic | 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions | Straight
Classic | 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions | Straight
Classic | 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions | Straight
Classic | 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions | Straight

Classic | 7 Set Clip-In Hair Extensions | Straight

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Weight:120 Grams
Color:Jet/Dark Black

Quick and easy way to increase your hair volume or length using Gemeria Hair Clip-in Extensions. Come in a set of 7 Pcs to blend in your natural hair seamlessly and the weight is divided in the entire set to make it even more comfortable to wear.

Classic Collection: The base is made of lace fabric - weft stitched, which will add volume to your roots.

  • 7 Pcs include: 1 set of 4 clips, 2 sets of 3 clips, 2 sets of 2 clips, 2 sets of 1 clip
  • 100% real human hair
  • Heat resistant - curl it, straighten it, crimp it, re-dye it
  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Can be added to any hairstyle, with the right placement of these clips
  • These don’t need to be washed very often! 
  • Please check our Hair Care Page for some caring guide

Please note: Order processing is 1-2 weeks for this product, please keep that in mind while placing the order.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Anyone, who is looking to increase hair length, hair volume or even add some colour should opt for 7 Set Clip-In Extensions. They come in set of 7 pcs that is layered on the hair, hence blend in better while your increasing your length.

All of our extensions are made from Remy Virgin aka real human hair. The only difference is that the Classic ones are weft stitched which can cause a little bump while the Seamless ones are made from a silicone base, more thinner that lays flat on the head, avoiding bumps completely.

Well, that solely depends on what kind of look you want to achieve, and how much long hair you want, how thick or thin you have currently, on an average suggestions are: for increasing hair length like 2" - 4" for thin hair then go for 120-160 grams; thick hair 220 grams and for increasing length like 4"-6" for thick hair then go 220 grams only. If you are still not sure then please send us your hair pictures, we will help you out :)

Yes! Your 7 Set will blend seamlessly even if you have short hair. Make sure you checkout our social media to learn how to best style your extensions. Make sure you go for 160 or 220 grams depending on length increment, if the length increment is around 4" - 6" go for 220 grams

No, these clip-in extensions are the safest whether you're using Classic or Seamless.

Yes, with the right placement of clips you can make virtually any hairstyle.

Yes! The hair is made from 100% real human hair which means you can straighten, curl or crimp it as you like. However we recommend using a heat-resistant spray before you style your hair and the extensions.

As long as you take good care of them, your extensions will easily last you years & years. Check our Hair Care Page on to how to take care of them!

Yes, except jet black which is already dyed and we recommend you go to a salon instead of dyeing/ colouring it at home.

We do not recommend wearing your extensions while sleeping, showering, swimming, or doing any physical activity. They can cause tension or pressure to your roots, leading to damage, so always remove them before sleeping or showering or swimming.

Order processing is around 1-2 weeks for classic & 1-3 weeks for seamless and shipping is 2-6 days. We provide only store credit(coupon code) on returned items. Please check our policies in footer section for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good quality

Thick hair throughout , tangle free and no hair fall.
100% recommend.

Feel like its my own real hair

Very good product i feel like its my real hair


I have purchased 7 set clip extension. It was amazing. It was more natural when I cliped it to my hair on a family event. It looked very natural and very much mingled with my natural hair. 7 set was up to the mark as shown in the ad.The packing was excellent.Loved the box provided to store the extensions.Thank you so much Gemeria. Much love❤

Hanna Evelin
7 set extensions

I was a bit sceptical initially as to how it would look, the length, texture and quality but I thought I will go ahead with it anyways. I received the 7set extensions a week back and I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. It instantly adds length ,volume and easily blended with my hair.

Preeta Bhanot
Happy customer

I was very happy to get my set, they are very easy to wear, although I was hesitant at first but I have worn it twice now so have got used to it. The set is completely safe and clean to use.