Essential Topper - Size 3x5
Essential Topper - Size 3x5
Essential Topper - Size 3x5
Essential Topper - Size 3x5
Essential Topper - Size 3x5
Essential Topper - Size 3x5
Essential Topper - Size 3x5

Essential Topper - Size 3x5

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Color:Jet Black

Please note: Our order processing is 2-4 weeks for toppers, place your orders accordingly.

Cover your wide parting area and add volume to the sides with 3x5 and the essential topper is handcrafted on a mono-base that gives a realistic scalp-like look. Knots are really fine, hardly visible.

  • 100% real human hair
  • Standard/light Density
  • Heat resistant - curl it, straighten it, crimp it, re-color it except jet black
  • Knots are visible up close, but still gives a realistic effect
  • We can only back-comb it, but you can place it wherever you part your hair
  • A good budget-friendly option to cover wide parting and add volume to sides
  • These don’t need to be washed very often!
  • Style your topper after wearing & cut the hair of your topper if needed for proper/seamless blending
  • Hair toppers can last for good two years and if worn daily then they might last a year as the topper itself will start thinning because the hair is hand-knotted on the base

How to Apply:

  • Since the 3x5 is not a free parting topper - so place the topper on your natural parting whether you prefer the center or the side (if you wish to back-comb, you can happily do so). First, secure the front clips a little away from the beginning of your natural parting. If you don't have enough hair in the front please cover the whole thinning area and then go for the side clips and then the back clips.
  • Style your topper after wearing, for proper blending and if needed you can cut the hair of the topper as well.
  • There is no thumb rule for applying or wearing the hair topper, you just need to cover the thinning area and blend, practice it and you will get used to it in no time!

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