Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights
Grey Single Clip Highlights

Grey Single Clip Highlights

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*These are not sold in a pair, one pack contains one piece of highlight*

Add a pop of color to your hair by using Gemeria Hair Single Clip-In Highlights without using any harsh chemicals leading to damage to your own hair! Just clip in these GEMS and voila!

These Single Clip Highlights are made from 100% human hair of the highest hair quality in the market which is called Remy Virgin Hair and all the Gemeria Hair is sourced from the holy temples of South India.

  • Easy to flat iron or curl!
  • Silicon-based thin Seamless base
  • Made from 100% real hair aka Virgin Remy hair
  • Can be added to any hairstyle, with the right placement of these clips
  • Color can fade away over time, but can be re-colored easily
  • These don’t need to be washed very often! (it will prolong the hair color)
  • Please refer to our Hair Care page for some caring guides!

Disclaimer - Product color may slightly vary due to the lights at the time of the photoshoot or your screen/monitor display

      Frequently Asked Questions!

      Open the tic tac clip, place it on your desired position close to roots as possible, close the clip and hide the clip with some hair. Easy peasy! Watch our videos for more help.

      It completely depends on how much colour you want to add in your hair. We recommend buying at least 4 to get a complete front look. If you want pops of colour throughout your hair go for 8 -10 (medium or thin hair) or 12 - 16 (heavy hair) Highlights.

      Use a comb and comb the hair of your Single Clip Highlights along with your own hair to settle it out. You can also do this carefully with a flat iron, curling wand or crimp it. If you wish to use it in a natural wavy texture - wet the Single Clip Highlights under a tap and scrunch it - then let it air dry, you'll find the desired hair texture. You just need to match texture of your own hair and highlights.

      We straighten the Single Clip-In Highlights before shipping them to you but they are versatile and they work with virtually every possible hair texture. Make sure you curl them before or after using them to match hair texture.

      Yes you can, but you would not need to do it often. Since hair extensions do not get consistent nourishment from the scalp like natural hair, try to wash them as less as possible to avoid the colour fading. Wash them only required cases like too much dirt and grime or they are not styling well, you have used too much hairspray. Keep them in the box we send so that they don't dry out.

      Yes you can re-colour your highlights, this is 100% natural human hair! We would recommend you take it to the salon instead of colouring it yourself.

      We do not recommend wearing your extensions while sleeping, showering, swimming, or doing any physical activity. They can cause tension or pressure to your roots, leading to damage, so always remove them before sleeping or showering or swimming.

      Yes, they do but overtime, at last these are human hair which is colored. The brown colors will not fade soon but funky/neon colors can fade but yes not sooner than our own colored hair. You can always recolor these highlights but please go to a salon for recoloring. Make sure to wash them only required and store in them in a air tight cover or the box that we provide, use less hair sprays, whenever washing try to use color protectant shampoo and conditioner, so that the color will last longer.

      Order processing is around 1-2 weeks for highlights and shipping is 2-6 days. We provide only store credit(coupon code) on returned items. Please check our policies in footer section for more information.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Best Streaks available in India!!

      Lately, I have been obsessed with Salt and pepper look, and as and when my hair started to develop couple of grey, I was excited lol.. But I have very less grey hair and I actually couldn't wait for my hair to be having lot of greys.. I had to go for #hairextensions...

      I have researched Indian brands a LOT.. TRUST ME ON THIS and finally found the brand that sells single clip highlights for the most reasonable price I've ever come across that too with very good volume.. That is @gemeriahair.. Each strand cost different based on its length and it starts from 430/-.. That's the most reasonable price in India in all brands that sell colour streaks online .. Point blank period..

      Coming to the extension quality, the hair is so soft, they'll give you either straight or wavy according to your hair type as you can see from pics, my hair is wavy. I specifically asked them not to straighten them, which they agreed and stood on the word..

      I bought 4 clips of 12 inch each and the extension length doesn't match my hair length and that is my mistake as I should have bought a couple of 12 inch and 16 inch but my bad.. It's all learning I guess.. Maybe I'll get a layer cut to match 12 inch.. Apart from that, 2 Streaks each side LITERALLY COVERED the whole right and left side of my head (scroll to check video) and if I buy a couple more for my back, I would actually look like I got balayage or some kind of expensive hair color on my hair.. I'm actually shook right now..

      Everything checked the tick box for me and this is exactly what I was looking for.. As a person who collects and hoards up a lot of extensions, THIS IS THE BEST SINGLE CLIP HAIR COLOR EXTENSIONS I've ever bought in India.. When I say this, I'M CONFIDENT in what I'm talking about..

      Even though the extension has a lot of volume, surprisingly, it didn't pull my own hair and sat beautifully in the places that I clipped..the clips are very sturdy and of good quality.. I'm actually shook to see I have NO complaints (except length issues which is my mistake) regarding to the product..

      Sonali Ghosh


      Sayeed Salma

      Grey Single Clip Highlights

      Sreejani Mukherjee

      Really great product


      I loved the product. I was very confused about going for real highlights or clip-ons. But I loved the look this gave me. It felt natural and the best part is you don’t have to spend loads on colouring and maintenance all the while spoiling your hair.
      I could easily slip it on when I went out and make the colour last longer by not using it everyday.
      Love the colour. Totally recommend