Half Head Wig | Natural Straight
Half Head Wig | Natural Straight
Half Head Wig | Natural Straight

Half Head Wig | Natural Straight

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Weight:200 Grams
Color:Jet/Dark Black
Please Note: Order Processing is 1-2 weeks for this product, kindly place your orders accordingly.

  • Gemeria’s Half head wig has a seamless and invisible hairline that looks like the hair is coming out from your roots.
  • If you have weak roots or thin hair or little thinning or just don’t want the hassle of putting the whole 7 set clip-in hair extension then you should definitely grab this human hair wig!
  • It will also blend perfectly in your very short hair without any hassle unlike 7 set extensions, which is a tedious task to blend!
  • Gemeria’s half wig not only help you in getting long and voluminous hair but also saves you from the regular heat damage that we do on our hair whether to blend the 7 set clip-in hair extensions or to achieve those Pinterest looks ;)
  • Get long hair or colored hair with our real human hair wig, only some of our front portion hair is used and the rest of coloring or heat is done on the wig i.e., saving your own hair!!!!
  • The wig is made of real human hair(100% Virgin Remy Hair), which is from South Indian temples

Texture Match:

  • Natural Straight will not be bone straight, will have a slight wave

Watch the video to know how to wear

Frequently Asked Questions!

The Half Head Wig is a good option for anyone (who has Thin hair, week roots, very short hair. or who is looking for increasing their hair volume, length or even colour.

No, the Half Head Wig has an invisible hairline, it looks like hair is coming out from your roots, which means that nobody will be able to guess you're wearing a wig. It's a wig that is widely used in TV Industry as they have to shoot daily and wearing this wig save their hair from damage of heating tools.

While both products have their wonderful benefits - the winning point of the Half Head Wig is that it decreases the amount of heat and other styling tools on your own hair making it a healthier and safer option. It's also effortless to use and you can wear it all day without a single worry. Using 7 set in your very short hair can be a tedious task to blend wherein half head wig is much easier. If you have thin hair then 7 set clips might be visible no matter how hard you try, half head wig comes rescue if you have thin hair, use it without any worries of being seen!

If you're wearing it regularly and you notice residue deposits then wash it. They can go on for months before you need to wash them. Since hair extensions or wigs do not get consistent nourishment from the scalp like our own natural hair, try to wash them as less as possible to avoid the colour fading or their life. Keep them in the box we send so that they don't dry out.

Yes! The hair is made from 100% real human hair which means you can straighten, curl or crimp it as you like. However we recommend using a heat-resistant spray before you style your wig.

Yes, except jet black and we recommend you go to a salon instead of dyeing/ colouring it at home.

We do not recommend wearing your wig or extensions while sleeping, showering, swimming, or doing any hard core physical activity. They can cause tension or pressure to your roots, leading to damage, so always remove them before sleeping or showering or swimming.

Order processing is around 1-3 weeks for half head wig and shipping is 2-6 days. We provide only store credit(coupon code) on returned items. Please check our policies in footer section for more information.