Seamless | 3 Set Clip-In Volumizer | Wavy
Seamless | 3 Set Clip-In Volumizer | Wavy

Seamless | 3 Set Clip-In Volumizer | Wavy

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Length:12"- 90 Grams
Color:Jet/Dark Black

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We all want to add extra volume to our hair, your wish is our command. Our Seamless 3-Set Clip-In Volumizer will add the perfect amount of volume to your hair without any fuss!

If you just want to add the right amount of volume to your existing hair length, or if you have scanty hair ends, even without the feeling of heaviness, this one is for you!

This product is perfect for you and you can use it every day - it is that easy to use! Get ready in 3 minutes with the help of our soft and easy peasy tic tac clips.

Our Seamless Collection consists of a silicone thin base that lays flat on your scalp and is comfortable without bumps that are caused by classic wefts.

  • Three Set includes: One set of four clips; Two sets of two clips
  • 100% real human hair aka Remy Virgin Hair
  • Heat-resistant - curl it, straighten it, crimp it, and re-color it except dark black
  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Can be added to any hairstyle, with the right placement of these clips
  • These don’t need to be washed frequently!
  • Use volumizers to add extra volume to your existing 7 Set
  • The life span of your hair extensions depends upon your maintenance. However, it can last you for good 2+ years or even forever ;)

Texture Match:

  • Natural Wavy will not be as exact as you see in photos and videos, since natural wavy is a versatile texture and can have a difference, but it will match wavy hair, frizzy wavy hair, or even slight wavy hair