Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Hair Extensions

Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Hair Extensions

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POV: You have permanent hair extensions and you’re slaying everyday!

2024 is the year and you’re on top of your hair game!
We are now in a time when you can achieve your dream look in a matter of seconds without committing to cutting your hair! Be it short haircuts like PeeCee’s voluminous lob or DeePee’s super bold sky high ponytail from the 2019’s Cannes Film Festival; Permanent hair extensions are here to stay and to slay!

Putting together a guide, finding every intricate detail and mantra to perfecting the art of donning hair extensions; this blog, right here, will cover everything you need to know about permanent hair extensions.

Get ready to be stoked - let's delve into the beauty of permanent hair extensions!

What Are Permanent Hair Extensions?


This particular type of hair extension trend is becoming increasingly popular. But, before we go any further…how what are they and how are they better than temporary extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are attached to your natural hair and they usually last anywhere around 3 to 4 months. They use a variety of methods, such as fusion bonding, tape-ins, or micro-linking.

Whereas temporary hair extensions, are solely meant for short-term use and permanent extensions are designed to stay in place for an extended period. These, however require a couple of visits to the parlour for re-tightening or touch ups but the best part is that thye can upto an entire year with proper maintenance and hair extension care.

So, Who Wins The Bet? Permanent Vs. Temporary Human Hair Extensions

Permanent Hair Extensions

Two of the most starking differences that make permanent hair extensions different from temporary hair extensions is in their lifespan and attachment method. With Permanent Hair Extensions, you can achieve a fuller, voluminous look. They are attached quite close to the scalp and that’s how you get a much more seamless and natural look. The other aspect about these types of hair extensions are that they grow along with your hair. This also means that every 12 to 14 weeks you will have to go in for a tightening or re touch.


  • Tape hair extensions
  • I-Tip extensions
  • Micro ring hair extensions
  • Sew in hair extensions
  • Bonded extensions
  • Fusion hair extensions
  • Keratin hair extensions


1 Fuller, thicker, and voluminous overall look Can be a little bit on the high maintenance side.
2 Extensions are long lasting. Extensions are always noticeable.
3 Versatile shades and unlimited styling options Can cause mild damage to natural hair and also a time-consuming option
4 Unlimited uses Can cause a little discomfort
5 Less damaging to natural hair Risk of matting without care


Temporary Human Hair Extensions


As the name suggests, seasons will change and so will you hair.
Yes, you have unlimited styling and extension options. Temporary Human Hair Extensions or clip-in hair extensions add instant length, volume, texture, style and sass in a matter of minutes. But,...There’s always a but. These are only for a short span of time. But, again, these are just perfect when you want to switch up your style instantly without visiting the parlour or anything.

Another factor that makes this type of hair extension an absolute delight is the easy installation and versatility in options in terms of shades, sizes and types of hair. Most cases you wouldn’t need any professional’s assistance unless you need some expert advice on which type of hair extension suits you the best.

But, again, for that you have us and guess what you can get in touch with us here to know more!

In most cases, temporary hair extensions cost will depend on the type you are getting and the installation method.


1 Easy to install and remove Limited lifespan
2 Less damaging to natural hair Regular maintenance required
3 Can be cost-effective in the long run Potential tangling and matting
4 Provides temporary volume and length Not suitable for long-term wear
5 Versatile styling options

Potential slippage and visibility issues


Who Can Benefit Most from Permanent Hair Extensions?

Looking for instant length, volume, or a sudden change in your look? Then this is just for you. These are just perfect for those individuals looking to add length, volume, or both to their hair, permanently.
These types of hair extensions are exceptionally good ideal for those with thin or fine hair and for those who desire fuller, fluffy and lusious locks. Additionally, permanent extensions are a popular choice for individuals undergoing hair loss or experiencing severe hairfall, offering a confidence-boosting solution.

What Is The Secret Potion That Goes Into Making Permanent Hair Extensions?

Well, let’s tell you today!

Its a ancient recipe passed down through the ages by the mystics of the old. A dash of pixie dust, a strand of Rapunzel’s hair, Unicorn Mane Elixir, a whole lot of magic with a K!

Just kidding,it's actually a blend of high-quality synthetic or natural hair and some advanced chemistry. But hey, don’t we all crave for some fairy magic in our lives, don’t we?

Permanent hair extensions are generally made out of natural human hair. At Gemeria,  we pride ourselves in sourcing out natural human hair to make our extensions from the hair collected from the temples of South India. Yes you heard that right we put in some crazy effort in finding top quality human hair from India. This hair is then treated cultured and then transformed into wigs, wefts, hair extensions and more. 

What's more is that you can also heat and style or even the colour them just like your natural hair.

How Much Time Do Permanent Hair Extensions Take To Apply?

When it comes to permanent hair extensions there are different types of hair extensions available in the market.  These type of hair extensions take you anywhere between 3 to 4 hours or more depending on the length of your hair the type of your hair extension and how long it takes for it to set. 

For example when it comes to bonded hair extensions a certain type of adhesive which is of medical grade is used in the application process. This will take some time for it to stick on your hair and for it to also set depending on if you’re  going in for cold setting or hot setting. 

On an average these hair extensions which are permanent go through meticulous application process in order to achieve that complete natural look. Either ways despite the amount of time taken it is quite the investment that will give you a completely transmitted change that can last for months together. 

Permanent Hair Extension Care

The Secret lies in regular visits to the parlour and seeking professional advise when you want to go in for permanent hair extensions. 

It is essential to know that you must always opt for sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to prevent any sort of damage or corrosion to your hair extensions. In addition, to this always remember to brush your hair right before you go to bed and also bread your hair in a loose way to avoid any kind of tension on the hair. 

Another tap would also be to gently brush your hair and avoid using accessive heat styling tools or even Chemicals on your hair extensions as well as your natural hair. This can damage the overall look of your extensions as well as destroy your scalp health and cause heavy hair fall in the long run.

It's always good to make regular maintenance appointments with your professional stylist because if you go and try to fix your permanent hair extensions on your own there is a very good chance that you might not do it right and you might have to do the entire thing all over again. So always ask me experts.

How Long Does A Permanent Human Hair Extension Last?

The  lifespan of any permanent hair extension or human hair extension solely depends on factors such as the quality of the hair extension, the kind of attachment that was used, the kind of care that is also given to it and most importantly weather as well as lifestyle conditions. 

Generally on an average hair extensions can last anywhere between 6 months to even a year if it is properly installed and removed with care.  With proper maintenance and regular checkups with the salon your permanent hair extensions will be a  effective option a long term solution and a perfect hair investment. 

Let’s Talk Money! How Much Do Permanent Hair Extensions Cost?

This is that one place where you  do not look at the price tag and buy.  this is because it is the perfect investment that will only benefit you in the long run!

The cost of permanent hair extensions will range anywhere between a few hundreds to a thousands depending on the type of hair extension,  the length required,  the volume that you are looking for,  and yes most importantly how much your stylist is going to charge you on the whole service. 

While you may feel that this investment might burn a whole throw your pocket most individuals have to the testament to the magic of permanent hair extensions and found long term benefits that not only boost their confidence but also helps them stay on top of their social game.


On the contrary permanent hair extensions are your perfect option for a long lasting solution instant volume,  instant length,  instant style all top with completely natural appearance as if you never had any kind of hair extension on! 

Going from Snow White to Rapunzel in a matter of seconds was never easier without permanent hair extensions.  however while these extensions address problems of hair thinning or balding or even lack of volume,  they also come with the power of a transmitted change that will make you feel like a totally new person who is much more stronger and confident. 

Hair after all is something that is very important for a person's self esteem and confidence. If you ask us, your crowning glory plays a vital role in your confidence and what it does to your your self esteem. 

Whether you are looking for a circle change or a dramatic transformation permanent hair extension opens up endless possibilities for your hair and the style of your dreams.

What better way to start this journey than picking up a blissful set f hair extensions from us?

Go on pick your favourite hair extension,  your cart is feeling lonely! 

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