How To Wear And Maintain Your Hair Toppers

Bad hair days are officially off the calendar! 

Ever catch your hair topper having a diva moment? 

We get it! That's why we've cooked up a blog for you! 

Especially if you use hair toppers, hair wigs and extensions and don't know how to maintain them. In this blog we will touch on topics like; understanding the different types of hair toppers and how you can pick the right one, we will also be touching on how you can style, wash and maintain your toppers too!

Grab your bobby pins and buckle up – it's time to transform that mane from 'meh' into 'magnificent' with a sprinkle of hair magic!

Starting with…

What Are Hair Toppers?


Basics first! 

So a hair topper is a transformative piece of head accessory that covers or hides areas on your scalp where hair is either thin, falling or absent. Often referred to as toppers, half-wigs, or even wiglets, these accessories are designed to blend in and complement your natural hair, adding volume and giving you maximum coverage. 

Now let’s take a closer look at understanding hair toppers.

The Different Types of Hair Toppers Available In The Market And Which Must You Choose? 

1. Mono Hair Toppers

Lighter than that of lace, these toppers are an ultra-fine mesh where the hair is hand-tied. It gives the illusion that the hair growth is from the scalp. With a hair topper such as this, you can have a lighter hair density than that of a regular lace base hair topper or silk hair topper. 

Another added benefit of the mono human hair toppers is that it allows you to part it into any position thus giving you an all-natural look even when the hair is parted. They come in two types too; full-mono toppers and part-mono-toppers. 

2. Silk Hair Toppers


Looking for something that almost matches your natural-looking hairline? Then these types of hair toppers are the best options in store. These toppers are made of two layers; one of silk and the other is lace. This all-natural look is achieved by hand sewing the strands of hair into the silk base and securing it with knots between the layers, thus giving you a seamless, natural hairline.

3. Top Of The Head Toppers


This piece is ideal for those looking for a topper that gives you volumes of difference. Simply secure this in place for instant coverage and volume in the areas you would like to cover or hide.

You could also use these human hair toppers temporarily in case you need to cover up your roots between touch-ups or any unplanned event. The mono-filament, heat-friendly base is hand-tied for an all-natural appearance which makes it look like you are not wearing a wig at all.

4. Lace Hair Toppers


Say hello to the budget-friendly superstar of hair toppers! Le Lace Toppers! 

These are crafted with a single layer of lace, giving your hair a cushy and comfortable seat. Don't worry, they're tight but breathable. If you are looking for volume then lace tops are the one. Consider them the Beyoncé of bouncy styles.

Choose the right type of hair

Human Hair Toppers and extensions are often used to match natural hair, but selecting the right one can be time-consuming. There are two main options: human hair toppers and synthetic hair toppers. Remy human hair extensions are popular due to their natural, intact human hair and their ability to blend in with existing hair. They are heat-friendly, allowing for customizable styling and a longer life span compared to synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair is not everyone's best choice, as it may not blend well with natural hair and may appear fake or wig-like. However, they are heat-friendly and allow for styling. Remy hair is the go-to option for those seeking a realistic appearance and flexibility in styling. Overall, choosing the right hair topper is crucial for achieving the desired look and feel.

How Do You Choose The Right Hair Topper? 

Consider picking the right human hair toppers like that of finding your soulmate!

When it comes to choosing the right hair topper for yourself there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. 

  • You have to keep in mind colour. Most of the time people choose hair toppers 10 to pick a colour which doesn't blend in with their natural hair.  this will give it that you are wearing a topper or a big or even extensions. So factor in colour, before anyone else can tell you. 
  • One more thing to keep in mind about human hair toppers is that, after you place them try shaking your head a little and see if this bridges away or slips and falls off. We do not want any awkward moment.
  • Finding the right match, not just in terms of your hair colour, but also the texture of your hair the length of your hair as well as the kind of hair you have in general. If you are someone with a head full of curly hair, you cannot opt for beach waves just because in some angles it seemed like a perfect match! Always remember curly hair for curly hair toppers and straight hair for straight hair toppers. 
  • Human hair toppers are used to cover up areas with thin hair or no hair at all. This is where size comes into play. You have to always consider the area of coverage you need and how you want your hair toppers to be placed.
  • Let's talk about “base-cis”! This is where we talk about your topper foundation and how important it is to choose the right one. You have to pick one that suits you are comfort level. Let it be a snug, clip-in or simple topper that can be just placed on your head or even an intricate masterpiece that involves glueing or sewing your hair into the topper; finding a base that matches your comfort level is significant.
  • Now when it comes to human hair toppers your lifestyle also matters.  If you are someone who is always trying out new styles or new looks then you will have to go for a versatile topper that pairs well with your ever-changing looks. But if you are a person who hits the gym quite often then you need to find a hair topper with a much more lighter, breathable base. This is so that sweat doesn't accumulate and cause any kind of fungal or bacterial build-up.


How To Correctly Wear Human Hair Toppers?

Wearing a human hair topper is an experience. This requires a certain technique and most definitely a generous amount of confidence and flair. Here is a simple and easy recipe on how you can wear your hair topper in style. 

Starting with what you need. 

  1. A hair topper, obviously.
  2. Some adhesive. 
  3. A solvent or some kind of liquid to either release the adhesive or loosen it in case you want to re-do the process.
  4. And last but not the least; a comb.

Now let’s get to the top of it in just a few simple steps.

  • Start by unclipping your topper.
  • Identify your target area. Let’s say the crown? Place your topper a few centimetres from your hairline for that natural charm. 
  • Now that you are satisfied with the placement, time to clip that topper into your natural hair. Secure it like a pro! 
  • Give your head a little shake. No falling toppers allowed! Adjust if needed for that snug fit.
  • Once you have done the density dance check to see if there's any puffiness, a little spray of water, a little comb-down and a whole lot of sass will make it sleek and chic. Blow-dry for that final touch. 


Voila, there you go! In just 5 simple steps you are ready to seize the day. 

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How to style your hair topper?

When it comes to donning a hair topper are first thought is will it look fake, or will someone find out I'm wearing a hair topper or even worse will it slip and fall in front of everyone?

Well, that's why we are here to help you out in styling your head topper the right way, the Gemeria way!

First thing first, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you style your hair topper.

  • Prep and Cleanse: Wash your hair topper before restyling, whether it's a new hair topper or an old one from your collection.
  • Tool Mastery: Invest in high-quality styling tools, including a good brush, a wide-tooth comb, and top-notch heat styling tools for effortless styling.
  • Styling Rules: Limit the use of styling products to avoid a greasy look, and exercise caution with heat styling tools to prevent damage – just as you would with natural hair.
  • Now let's get to the fun bed of how you can style your hair toppers in the most fabulous way possible. 

    4 Must-try Hairstyles With Human Hair Toppers

  • Waves for Days!
  • Who doesn't like a headful of hair and that too one that is bouncy and voluminous? Here is a timeless classic that can be achieved with a simple straight-hair topper. You can simply begin by securing the topper at the desired area and start curing your hair using a curling iron. Create soft curls and gently comb them down with a brush to achieve that wavey look.

  • The High and Sleek Ponytail:
  • Remember  Queen Gigi’s ‘fiery red hair’ from the Met Gala?

    With Gemeria’s hair toppers, you can achieve this look in 3 simple steps.

    • Pack your hair into a high pony and then into a bun.
    • Place the hair topper on the bun and secure it with bobby pins for that high pony illusion.
    • Now curl your hair for a little bounce and use a setting spray for a sleek look. 

    As a finishing touch use a statement clip to cover the pony.

    And that's it!

  • The Timeless and Elegant Classic Bob:
  • Sculpted elegance, timeless chic bob is an A-list topper even after 100 years of its existence. This Classic hairstyle also comes in a Bob topper which lets you rock this look with enough and more volume and coverage. 

  • The Hair Topper That Saves The Day!
  • The person who wrote this blog is telling you from experience that; having a hair topper on stand-by on your big day is a boss move! Especially if you are one of those with a natural curly bob. 

    So the hairstylist was unable to make it on my big day and all I could think of was what a brilliant idea it was to order a hair topper from Gemeria a few months before the wedding.

    All I had to do was tie up my natural hair into a bun, secure it with bobby pins and attach the hair topper to my bun. I then rolled it up into a bigger bun clipped a big beautiful floral brooch to the top and attached my wedding veil at the bottom of the bun. And that’s how Gemeria saved the day.

    Here is a video you can watch to try out something easy but fabulous during an emergency like mine!

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    How To Wash And Maintain Hair Topper

    This is the part where we tell you how you can wash, care and maintain your new crowning glory. 

    Step 1: Detangling and Washing:

     You begin with detangling your hair topper with a detangling brush. This helps in avoiding any kind of knots and shedding of the hair. After this, you will wash the hair topper with lukewarm water so that you do not damage the lace or the base. Once it’s completely wet, you will start shampooing.

    Step 2: The What, Why, Where, When and the How About Shampooing:

    You must use a sulphate or a paraben-free shampoo while washing your topper. This is because, just like human hair, harsh chemicals can destroy the hair and in this case, the hair topper too. You will start shampooing the topper from top to bottom along with the cap. While you are washing your topper, remember to scrub gently. Do not apply force as this will destroy the topper causing all the hair to fall out or even tangle. 

    Now we know the root cause of hair fall too!

    Step 3: Time To Wash Down:

    Now that all the shampooing is done, run the hair topper under lukewarm water to rinse off all the shampoo. Here’s a Gemeria tip; treat your hair topper like you treat your hair. Apply a hair mask or use a conditioner too. This helps in protecting the quality of the hair and increasing its lifespan.

    Step 4: After Care

    Now that you're done with all the washing and conditioning, you will place the hair topper on a round stand. After placing the hair topper on the stand, let it air dry completely. Once it's done drying you can style it the way you like.


    This blog may be as long as a thesis on hair toppers… But look at you now! You’re more informed about what you want and here’s some more tea that you can sip on.

    And there you go! You are now a pro at taking care of your hair topper. Check out our range of hair toppers and patches and pick your favourite now!

    Slay queen!

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