Are Hair Extensions Good for Your Hair?

Are Hair Extensions Good for Your Hair?

If you are new to this world of hair extensions for women, as a first-time buyer itโ€™s okay to feel a little overwhelmed by all the information available online. But we will debunk all the myths and provide you with the best of true information here.

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume to your hair and solve many other hair related problems. They could be helpful to increase hair length, add a touch of color or just different styles to your hair temporarily and quickly. Every woman could use them to feel different and prettier at the same time. It is like a beautiful crown that can make anyone feel like a princess in no time. Hair extensions also help women overcome several insecurities about their hair.

But with a great product comes great responsibility. Many people have their own doubts and confusions about hair extensions and their effects on the natural hair. Today we are going to clear all such questions and doubts about them.

If you are new to this world of hair extensions for women, as a first-time buyer itโ€™s okay to feel a little overwhelmed by all the information available online. But we will debunk all the myths and provide you with the best of true information here. First of all, do not believe all the stories that you have heard about this, most of them are made up ones. And secondly, keep reading on to get comfortable with this topic and product. Letโ€™s get going!

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MYTH 1: Hair Extensions damage your hair

Absolutely false!

Hair extensions for women are the safest option when it comes to adding a difference to your hair. They could add volume, color, style and confidence to your look. Permanent hair extensions may sometimes take time to adjust but even then they are very non-damaging to your hair. If you wear them properly and take care of them, you have nothing to worry about. Hair extensions for short hair are an absolute blessing and do NOT leave your hair broken or thinner.


MYTH 2: Hair Extension application methods

There are many different types of application methods available for your different types of hair extensions. There are permanent hair extensions, hair extensions for short hair, curly hair extensions, colored hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions etc. And application methods may vary for each of them. Like tape-ins, clip-ons, fusion-clip, glue, micro beads and other such methods. Check out the different types of extensions here.

Now, no matter which type of extension or method you decide to go with, it all comes down to wearing them properly. Choose a good brand extension of superior quality and an easy method of application and you are absolutely safe.


MYTH 3: Permanent hair extensions damage the roots of the hair

Permanent hair extensions have the risk of pulling and discomfort but only if not handled with proper care. Give your hair roots some room to breathe and then they are definitely non-damaging and non-toxic to your hair. Although, if you are a first time user and not sure about them, you can with our range of temporary hair extensions that are easy to use and take off as well.


MYTH 4: Hair extensions donโ€™t blend in with natural hair

Who even started this rumor?

This is a big NO. Hair extensions are made to blend in naturally with your own hair. If you choose the right texture and color, there is no way to tell apart the extension from your natural hair. Now if you choose a curly hair extension for your straight hair, it will absolutely show right? Or if you choose a brown hair extension for your dark black hair, it will definitely not blend.

Hence, if this is your concern, then carefully choose an extension that matches your own hair to the most extent. Here is a guide for you to choose the perfect extension for yourself: Click here.


MYTH 5: Hair extensions weigh you down

Umm no!

They are extremely light weight and also give your hair the room to breathe. They do not weigh heavily or give you headaches of any kind. It is stretchy, durable and extremely convenient. If you feel that you have a sensitive scalp, you can wear the extensions an inch down from your roots and not directly on the scalp. This will help prevent headaches or any other discomfort.

You can also wear halo hair extensions that distribute the weight evenly and you will get an idea about using hair extensions as well. But mind you, hair extensions are as light and breezy as your own hair. After some use and adjusting, you wonโ€™t even feel that you are using one.


MYTH 6: Hair Extensions are high maintenance

Umm partially yes, but only if you see them that way!

They require proper care and use just like other sensitive products. Extensions are not high maintenance; they are just sensitive to bad usage and improper care. You donโ€™t need a professional or a salon to do this; you can take care of them just by learning easily. And if you do this, the extensions will have longer, healthier shelf life too.

Like your own hair, hair extensions are also prone to tangling and dirt. You just need to wash them sometimes and comb them out. Then they are all yours to easily style in so many different ways.

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Hair extensions are a blessing in disguise. And for anyone who wants to try them, whether temporarily or permanently, they must go for it without a second thought. There maybe all kinds of doubts about using hair extensions, but none of them are serious. Most of them are just hollow myths created for no reason.

Now we agree that trying anything for the first time is a big step in itself, and itโ€™s completely normal to feel weird about it at first. But trust us; hair extension should not be one of such worries. It is used by thousands of women across the world for styling and covering hair bald hair patches. You donโ€™t even need a reason to wear an extension. Itโ€™s just fun and quirky due to the ease of use and simplicity.

And we at Gemeria, take pride in selling the best hair extensions out there. We trust in our product quality that is never damaging or detrimental for your hair. It is absolutely safe, easy to use and affordable. Try out our hair extensions today!

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Tanmeet singh

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Very informative!

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