What are the types of Hair Extensions?

What are the types of Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions are a lifesaver and sometimes essential for a woman. Especially for those who are suffering from dull, dry, and thinning hair. Hair extensions come in a variety of types. Some of them are permanent while some are temporary. Clip-in, tape-in, weaves, pre-bounded, fusion, micro link are some names you must have heard of. What are they? And what do they mean? We will discuss all of these in this article. To know all types of hair extensions, keep going with me. 

How are Hair Extensions Made? 

If you have ever touched a hair extension, it must have felt like natural hair, pretty, easy-to-blend, and styled. Because they are. They are made by natural human hair. Brands take these hair from a donor. They keep the outer layer-cubicles of the hair running in the same direction. This keeps the hair all tangled-free, smooth, and silky for all time to come. 

Synthetic hair extensions are made up of several synthetic fibre. These fibres are very fine and almost imitate the natural hair. Mixed hair extensions are made up of both natural & synthetic fibre hair. 

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in a variety of types. They are divided by their ways of application in your head. Check out all of Gemeria's best Extensions below. 

  • Clip-in -Hair Extension: 

  • This is the most popular among the several types of hair extensions in the market. They come with a silicon base and are ready to use clips on it. You can easily set these clips on your natural hair and take off when you are done. These are one of the least permanent extensions due to the comfort of application they offer. All you need to do is clipping them on your natural hair. The whole process takes only 5-15 minutes. Unlike the other extensions, they have no glue/ heat/ chemical/ pressure procedure of application. This makes them the zero damage extension for you. 

  • Tape-in Hair Extensions: 

  • The Tape-in Hair Extensions are exactly what they sound like. These extensions have tapes at the base. You need to use these tapes or glue on your natural set this extension on your head. This process takes almost 1 hour of time when a professional hairdresser applies the tapes-ins on your hair roots. Then they are heated to fix the glue. This process is dangerous and can damage your hair to an extent. If cared for properly, they can last upto 4-8 weeks. When you want to take off these, you can do it by using a glue remover. 

  • Bonded Hair Extension: 

  • Bonded hair extensions are protein loaded extensions that make it special. Its roots are flexible and allow you to apply several styling features. Its application is lengthy and takes almost 3-4 hours to complete. The keratin present on the roots stick to the strands of your natural hair. They come in several colours, textures, and types that you can take care of like your natural hair only. But make sure to test them before applying. Check how long they stick together and what damage they leave behind after removal. 

  • Halo Hair Extensions: 

  • These are generally called invisible hair extensions. But not really. They are sewed with a fine thread on a super-thin cloth that is almost invisible to anyone. This single waved row is secured by a single thread that lays on the head's natural curve. As this extension doesn't ask you to experiment with your hair and requires very less care, this makes it a perfect choice for beginners who are doubtful of using hair extensions. The thread makes it easy to carry in your parties and work. You may have to spend 2-3 hours applying them on your whole head. 

  • Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extension: 

  • Fusion hair extensions or pre-bonded extensions use glue as adhesive to apply them on hair. It takes 3-4 hours of application by a professional hairdresser. The glue is applied on each hair strand to blend the extension into your raw original hair. It is done with the help of a machine similar to a hot glue gun. However this method is quite damaging to your hair so be careful & sure when you are going for it. Your dresser might also advise not to go for this. On an average these hair extensions take 3-4 hours of application. 

  • Wigs & Hair Pieces: 

  • Wigs are for completely covering up your head. These come in a variety of types, texture, and style for everyone. Lace fronts and Netting are two procedures of making wigs. 

    Hair pieces are different then wigs and come in the shape of a pony, bun, or hair tie. They are applied on head areas where you feel damaged or thinned or feel baldness. 

    Wigs & Hair pieces both are used for covering your head or changing your looks completely. Depending on your need, you can choose among the both. 

    They are challenging to use, wash and take care of. As they are made up of real hair or synthetic hair, you may have to change the ways you treat your hair. 

  • Sew-in Hair Extensions/ Weave: 

  • Weave hair extension requires branding and cornrowing your hair strand first. Then the extension is braided on the cornrows with the help of a needle. This is a very long process and needs hours to apply it correctly. The hair extension comes in one piece instead of wefts that makes it difficult to sew. Only a professional can sew it correctly. The strands get sewed to the extension permanently. This process is a long time taking and often leaves you with a heavy feeling. As it is heavy & uncomfortable, it doesn't go well with thin hair. If you have thick hair, you can go for it. 

    How to take care of Hair Extensions? 

    Natural hair extensions are comparatively easier to take care of than synthetic hair extensions. You can wash, brush, and style your natural hair extensions. But you must not apply oil based products on synthetic ones as they can damage the fibre materials. 

    Special caring tips are advised for specific types of hair extensions that require conditioning of scalp, washing off hair regularly, and straightening them. Wigs need more care while pre-bonded hair extensions need your regular hair care regime only. 

    Want to know a step-by-step guide for the hair care regime of your specific hair extension, check out more of Gemeria's best hair care routine here.


    Hair extensions can be a game changer for you. It adds up volume into your thinning hair, making them look shiny, fluffy, and natural. Although they are great accessories, you can't just choose one among many types of hair extensions randomly. Instead become choosy. 

    If you are still reading this article, we're sure that you want to discover more about Hair Extensions. Check out Gemeria Hair Extensions recent blogs for more such quality information. 

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