Sad, Boring and Limp Hair? Try These Volumizing Hair Extensions For An Instant Change

Sad, Boring and Limp Hair? Try These Volumizing Hair Extensions For An Instant Change

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Hair so flat and boring, it would give your walls a competition? Don't worry, we got you! Say goodbye to flat, limpy and boring hair and way hello to hair like Dolly Parton…Well, not literally!

On this series of the GEMERIAN HAIR CHRONICLES, we are bringing you, THE ULTIMATE, THE BEST, THE ONE AND ONLY, guide on how to volumize your hair without going in for crazy haircuts or DIY teasing methods.

We are talking about giving some life to flat limp hair! You know the kind of hair that’s flatter than a crepe! So now it is time my dear readers to bid adieu to limpy hair and go from pancake to panache!

hair extensions for hair volume

So grab a cuppa, and let's go from drab to fab with these volumizing hair extensions!

Gemeria Hair: Your Hair’s Ultimate BFF!

The creme de la creme of hair extensions brands in the industry has the perfect range of human hair extensions for volume in every shade, texture, length and size!

Yes! This is a hairstylist’s paradise if you may. From clip-in extensions to tape-ins to everything your hair needs for added volume and definition. We have got you covered. Don’t believe us? Check this out!


We have all been there…literally.

Wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and see your hair looks like it’s given up in life, then you wonder how to style it and then you find a scrunchy and the winner is a bun!

BUT, there’s always a BUT!

Not today, no way.

Today we bring you options to choose from. Whether you want luscious curls or sleek smooth hair, we have it all for you!

Check it out!

Top 3 Best Hair Extensions for Volume

So when we speak about VOLUME; clip-in and halo hair extensions are your go-to. This is because of their make. In the case of clip-in hair extensions you get them as a set of 2 or more pieces which you can place accordingly and on the areas where you require some volume. Halo hair extensions on the other hand, acts as a curtain of hair strung together on an elastic band. This adds just enough volume from the crown downwards like a cascade of bouncy, beautiful hair.

These babies are your ticket to the voluminous hair of your dreams. And the best part? You don’t need a Kardashian budget to achieve it.

1. Clip-In Volumizers

Clip-in volumizers

Be it one piece volumizer hair extensions or even a three set pack, this is where simplicity is sometimes the best kind of way to go. This is your quick fix to get those bouncy locks in a few clicks.

At Gemeria Hair, we have clip-in hair extension volumizers in 1, 2, and 3 piece sets in shade black, brown, Dark Brown and balayage. As for the hair type, we got you girl! We are wavy, and straight. We also have a deep curly 3 Piece Set Clip-In Hair Volumizer for the curly gurlies!

These are hassle free, comfy and above all really airy. So now you do not have to worry about scratching your head like a monkey.

Good hair days, when we like it, how we like it; HERE WE COME!

2. Halo Extensions

halo hair extensions

Feeling divine? Woke up wanting to channel your inner goddess or diva?

This is your best bet for those days!

The Gemeria Halo Hair extensions come in black, jet black and brown. These come in sizes 14" 140gm, 16" 150gm, 18" 160gm, and 20" 180gm. This is specifically designed to let your hair BREATHE. No laces, no bases, and none of those sticky tapes on your hair. Just a halo for an angel like you.

These are best to add instant, volume, length and depth to your hair faster than you heat up food in a microwave.

Check it out!

3. Balayage Clip-In Volumizers

Balayage clip-in volumizers

Now although this may sound like some magic spell, it is pronounced as BAH-LEE-AGE, with an attitude. It’s French and we all are, aren't we?

It literally translates to sweeping. See, sweeping your sorrows away with just one click by the clip.

This comes from the technique of free hand painting strips of highlights onto different shades of hair. The idea is to get a soft natural graduation on the hair that spans out to the ends of the hair.

So! With us, you will find the ash brown, chocolate brown, light brown, caramel brown and every other shade of brown. Girl, just check out the store already!

With these babies you get the best of both worlds– colour and volume in one single hair extension.

Got a wedding, a date night, a brunch; get these extensions and the party is yours!


And there you have it girls! This is your handbook to voluminous hair in seconds.

At Gemeria Hair, our hair extensions are designed with real, virgin human hair. These bundles of hair are collected from the temples of South India and then treated, designed and styled to make you the life of every party.

Oh and before you go, take a look at the Faux Scrunchie Buns by GEMERIA HAIR. We all know the importance of buns on a busy Monday morning, and so keeping that in mind we got you the perfect solutions.

Until then, keep shining!


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