How to choose your ideal shade of black hair extensions

Your ‘You-est’ Shade of Black Human Hair Extensions

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Yes, we women are well-versed in the art of noticing the slightest difference in shades of pink, blue and of course, BLACK!

You have death black, jet black, olive black, charcoal, ashy black and our personal favourite; LICORICE! So yeah, there are a lot of shades of black out there and it is a dark world…you saw what I did there? 😆

Anyways! Time to turn from Brunette Bellas and Coco Claires to Jet-Black Jasmines and Rebel Ravens!

So, dear viewers, we put together a blog, a guide if you may, to help you understand your ‘you’est’ shade of BLACK!

What Are Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are those hair accessories that are designed to add more volume, texture, length, and thickness to your natural hair. These hair extensions are made out of 100% natural human hair and come in different colours, textures, and hair types.

There are various forms of human hair extensions available online. You have hair extensions that you can clip on. They are called clip-in hair extensions. You also have hair extensions that can be tapped into your natural hair and they are called tape-in hair extensions.

And for those who want a semi-permanent solution in terms of adding instant length or volume to their hair, you have hair extensions like micro bead hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, and sew-in hair extensions.

But choosing your type of hair extension that suits your hair type is winning half the battle. The other half is choosing the closest shade that matches your hair colour. This, my friend, is your biggest challenge. Finding the most ‘you’est’ shade of black, gray or blonde can be a task.

But we will show you how to do just that.

How do you pick your ‘you’est shade of black hair extensions?

Okay, you are reading this particular article because you probably want hair black clip-in hair extension but you are not sure about your shade or what kind of black, is your type of black; don't worry we will tell you exactly how you don't have to pick a random shade of black and hope that it's your best match. This is not a matrimonial site where you pick one and regret it for the rest of your life. You are allowed to compare and check which one suits you the best.

So here are 3 quick and easy steps to help you find out what is your kind of black hair extensions:

3 Tips for Selecting Black Hair Extensions

Step Number 1:

Try to match your natural shade of black. This means choosing hair extensions or the hair colour which is the closest shade to your kind of black. Pretty direct, isn't it? Wait, let’s tell you more!

Okay for example let's say you have Jet black hair which is the blackest of the blackest black shade. You will be surprised to know that it is sort of a cool-toned shade and has very minimal and subtle blue undertones spread throughout that enhance this glossy and Shiny look.

One simple way to find out if you have Jet or dead black hair is to look at your hair in bright sunlight or under brighter lights. This way the shade and your hair's undertones are easier to identify and you can find the right match for black hair extension. In this situation, extensions like black clip-in hair extensions or deep dark brown clip-in hair extensions would be a perfect choice for you.

Step Number 2:

Okay let's say in this scenario you are someone who is planning to change your hair entirely. But you are wondering whether black hair extensions could match your skin tone. Honestly, The colour black is such an adjusting colour that it suits nearly every skin tone but it compliments cooler and neutral skin tones much more in comparison to warmer skin tones.

Step Number 3:

Analyse your hair in different lightings. This is very important so that you can understand your hair's true shade and colour match it accordingly. If you are finding it hard to identify the right shade of black that you possess it is always good to take advice from your hairstylist who will recommend the best shade of black and the right type of hair extensions for your hair.

But if you want to experiment with black hair, you can always try out samples or testers and see whether you can rock a jet-black hair look.

Keeping these three tips in mind we will now understand the difference between black clip-in hair extensions and brown clip-in hair extensions. What are the different Shades of black hair extensions?

Black Clip-in Hair Extensions VS Dark Brown Clip-In Hair Extensions

Many times people tend to mix their hair colours and take it lightly while choosing one. While some may have ashy black hair… They end up getting hair extensions with browner hues or jet-black hair…But the most common blunder that people make and that we have seen is the confusion between these two colours.

So here is the difference:

Black Clip-in Hair Extensions Dark Brown Clip-In Hair Extensions
These are ideal for those who have naturally jet black hair and complements a wide range of skin tones. One of the best shades for those with dusky and warmer skin tones.
Requires very low maintenance in terms of colour maintenance and is prone to less dullness and noticeable fading. Display of warmer undertones but can be a little high in maintenance in terms of colour retention.
Available in various textures and curl patterns. Little to quite rare curl patterns and hair types available under this shade.
Has a classic and timeless look, ideal for those with cooler tones Blends well with those who have deep brown shades of hair.

Both are good for heat styling but can show signs of hair damage and fading when exposed to excess heat styling and colouring.

Types of Black Hair Extensions Online

Types of black hair extensions

Let’s face it! At some point of time in choosing hair dyes or hair colours we have jumped to conclusions like ‘there is only one shade of black’ or that ‘everything is black’ or ‘that they all look the same’...

Honey, we hate to break it to you… Just like shades of Grey, you do have different blacks, even when it comes to hair!

Here are a few types of black we caught and put together in this blog so that you are better informed:

  • Jet Black Hair: As black as night! This is a shade perfect for those with pale to cool complexions. Fun fact, they do have subtle hints of cooler tones that are not quite visible to the eye. A sort of an optical illusion at play, the blue undertones it what makes this type of hair darker and blacker.
  • Natural Black: This is your regular type of hair extensions which go by the name Virgin hair or Remy hair. This means it is collected from the donor as is and then given a medical treatment for hygiene purposes. This is like every human head that was born with black hair.
  • Dark Brown: The hair that likes playing tricks in the light! Now this particular shade of hair may look like a natural black hair in the dark but in the light you can see hints of brown and honey. The shade of this hair is the richest possible shade of brown. People with deeper, warmer and duskier skin tones rock this look like a goddess.

So, these are the most typical shades of black hair that you can find whenever you look for Black Clip In hair extensions. Trust us when we say this; take your natural hair and your hair extensions out in the light for a better understanding of what kind of blend suits you best. Afterall, nobody can say the difference in the dark unless you tell them! 😉

Where do You Get the Best Black Hair Extensions?

Ahh!! The golden question!

Now that you are here, check out Gemeria Hair, our luxurious range of hair extensions. From curly to wavy, balayage to sleek straight goddess-like hair, we have it all for you, all in one place.

We are talking about 100% natural human hair collected from the temples of South India. From black clip-in hair extensions to tape-in hair extensions, keratin bonds, micro rings, weaves, wigs and more; we got you!


Finding the right shade of black hair extensions to complement your unique style may be a challenge. Whether you want to improve your natural black hair, try new trends, or add volume and length, there's a match out there for you. The bottom line is the thumb rule for finding the right shade of black for your hair is lighting.

So, what say girls? Are you ready to elevate your style and take your hair game to a whole new level?

What's the wait for? Your new hair awaits you in your cart!

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