Buying/ Using Highlights Online Simplified | Gemeria Hair Extensions

Buying/ Using Highlights Online Simplified | Gemeria Hair Extensions

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Hi, Gems! 

Let us talk hair coloring for a second. Okay, maybe more than a second.

Is damage by hair coloring a myth? Let us turn to hair experts and scientists.

When we bleach our hair, the chemical oxidizes our hair follicles in order to bring the lighter shade of color that is often the base for all hair coloring procedures. It is known to break certain structural bonds in the hair strand that holds protein together. This means that your hair is left to be more porous and culpable to breakage and damage.

This means that not only does coloring hair risk hair damage, it will also cause damage to the internal structure of your hair, causing hair loss. While some shampoos for colored hair claim that hair can be salvaged by their product, it happens on a very small level - implying that this is going to cause a whole series of trouble and long-term recovery.

 Listen to your mom but don’t compromise on the swagger! The best part about using hair extensions instead of coloring your hair is that you will save your hair from hair damaging processes like bleaching and dyeing.

Let us now see how you can fit hair extensions into your regular beauty routine. You now have a pop of color that will rock both your formals and your party wear. 

You need to ascertain what kind of color you'd like to add to your hair game. Let me elaborate, we have some mainstream colors like a dark brown or a chocolate brown that are very very easy to blend with your natural hair and ensure that they look very formal and perfect for someone who isn't willing to go too bold with their hair. 

Then we have some solid colors like golden brown, midnight blue, indigo blue, emerald green, grey, melon red, etc which will add that oomph to your hair gorgeous and that too in seconds. 

Our Clip In Highlights come as a part of our seamless collection which means that it is slim at the top (where you attach it to your natural hair) and has real soft clips that ensure that your hair is gorgeous as well as comfortable throughout the day. 

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • These are not sold in a pair, will come as an individual clip
  • 100% real human hair
  • Heat resistant - curl it, straighten it, crimp it, re-dye it
  • 12” to 24” available
  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Can be added to any hairstyle, with the right placement of these clips
  • These single clips don’t need to be washed very often! (it will prolong the hair color)
  • Please refer to our Hair Care page for some caring guides!


When these highlights are delivered to you, they are shampooed, conditioned, and straightened before shipping - this means you will have to style the extension to match your texture before you wear the hair extensions. 

What we recommend to first-time users is to clip in the highlights an inch away from the parting you want to make. This means if you are making a middle parting, make another parting an inch away from the middle and clip in the extensions over there. Once you have done that comb over the hair and use a straightener or curler on the extensions along with your natural hair to blend it in.

If you want your extensions to be naturally wavy per the texture of your hair, we recommend that you wet the extension under a tap and scrunch it thoroughly for about a minute, and then let it dry naturally on a towel. When it is completely dried you'll notice it is exactly got that natural, beach wave just like your hair.

What is important here is to ensure that you use enough number of highlights depending on the volume of your hair. If your hair tends to be on the thinner side you should go for 4 to 6 highlights. If your hair is voluminous you'll need 8 to 10 to get that complete highlight look.

Styling is important, irrespective of the products that you use. However, always remember to wash your hair in warm water and rinse the conditioner out with cold water to enjoy the best and most natural texture of your hair.

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