Clip In Bangs: Know It All

Clip In Bangs: Know It All

Hey gorgeous,

This is your girl-next-door Nidhi again, talking about a hot topic in the fashion industry!

Bangs make you ten times cute instantly. Now if you have ever had bangs (or worse, cut your own bangs during the pandemic) you know how difficult to manage they can get. And as they grow out, they continue to throw tantrums and you're forced to either go to the salon regularly or grow them out so you can get rid of it once and for all.

 Here, if we told you, you could have bangs without the nastiness of them getting unruly?

 Gemeria Clip In Bangs are made of hundred percent real human hair. It's bangs with a tic tac clip on it. You just have to open the clip, place it on your forehead and close the clip - now you have bangs!

 Because these are made from hundred percent real human hair, they look like you own hair, the blend easily and no one will be the wiser as to whether or not they are real.

 What is important is that you choose the colour of your bangs depending on the colour of your hair. This is extremely crucial for it makes sure they look perfectly natural and attract the right amount of attention.

 The only maintenance is using a straightener on them to make sure they are styled perfectly for your forehead.

 Gemeria has two kinds of Clip In Bangs: One is the classic bangs, and the other is the bangs with sides.

 Let us guide you as to which one will work for you:

 If your hair is layered in the front and already has a bit of flicks that fall on your face, you can go with the classic bangs. This is because your flicks will act like the sides and you won't need that extra hair on your face.

 However, if your hair is long (layered notwithstanding because layers of long hair aren't as short as those flicks) or cut straight and do not have flicks, we recommend going for bangs with sides.

 Bangs with sides looks gorgeous with any hairstyle but it is absolutely perfect, chef's kiss, on a ponytail.

 We do not discriminate, all ponytails are cute ponytails but if you are a fan of those hefty ponytails that make you look so young, you have to check out our Gemeria Ponytail Extension. It is super easy to use, it is tied on your ponytail. It is the best companion to our bangs with sides, they're made for each other!

 Ariana Grande ain't got nothing on you with this gorgeous comb - it is going to be you best kept secret and that too for a long long time. That's what we are here for!

 You can checkout our youtube channel to know more about how to use bangs, how to take care of them and many other tutorials.

 If you have doubts as to which ones to choose, just get in touch with our team through our Website, via WhatsApp or DM us on Instagram and we will guide you through the process of getting the best bangs for you.

That's all for today folks! See you soon with another post!

May your hair be fuller and fabulous!

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