How to Buy Coloured Hair Extensions?

How to Buy Coloured Hair Extensions?

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Coloured hair extensions are like a candy store for girls, only here you get the sweet pleasure of brand new hair and that too in minutes. Buying coloured extensions however can be a little tedious because you have a whole universe of options and don't know which ones to get.

Coloured Hair Extensions

Coloured extensions are the best option for anyone who wants to add colour along with length and volume, without compromising the health of your hair as hair colouring processes cause irrevocable damage to your hair. They destroy the keratin protein bonds which ruin the hair cuticles. This means that hair growing out is also affected by the damage done by the bleaching process.

 Coloured Hair Extensions

Buying coloured extensions online is a whole new galaxy as you'll have to call the shots about certain things. To make this easier here is a guide that will smoothly take you through this process.

Things to Consider While Buying Colour Hair Extension

Find out what length you need:

What length you must buy will depend heavily on what is your current length and how much longer (if you want them to get longer ones) you need them to be.

Find what colour you need:

You need to ascertain whether you want a subtle increase in your colour or if you want to go wilder.

Once you have made these decisions, we can move to some tips and tricks:

Go for any length you like but the product you'll need to choose is the Gemeria 7 Set Clip In Extensions. These come in three weights. If you go for the 220 grams of the product, you'll have good volume and your current length will not be a problem when you are blending your hair with the extensions.

If you don't need the length, choose the Gemeria Coloured Volumizers. They will add volume and colour without messing with the length. So here you'll have to get the volumizer of the exact same length.

Let's focus on the fun part now : colours.


If you want to go mild on the colour, consider Gemeria's Balyage range that will give you exactly what you need. The range is fabulous and it compliments Indian hair very well.

We have something for everyone, there are gradients of various bold combinations that you can checkout. These are available both in Gemeria Coloured Volumizers and Gemeria Coloured 7 Set Extensions.

If your hair is already coloured, it makes sense to match your tips with your extensions instead of the roots while choosing the colour that will blend perfectly. You can also go for the Balyage range depending on the current colour of your tips.

Ultimately what matters is that you have fun playing with your looks, with Gemeria hairstyling is easy.

We understand that choosing the right colour can be stressful and that's why our customer service team is by your side guiding you through the process.

You can contact us through our Email, WhatsApp or DM us on Instagram.

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