Clip In Bangs: User's Guide To The Most Popular Hair Extensions

Clip In Bangs: User's Guide To The Most Popular Hair Extensions

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Hi Gems,

Welcome back to our little corner where we discuss all things hair and hair extensions. This is your girl Nidhi and today we shall be talking about one of our most popular products - drum rolls please - Clip In Bangs!

Clip In Bangs is popular among young girlies mainly because they eliminate the tedious task of actually growing your own bangs and maintaining them (visiting the salon every 15 days).

Clip-In Bangs are also convenient because sometimes we like to go for hairstyles that don't involve bangs and fringes, so they help you be more versatile with your hairstyle every day.

The Clip-In Bangs have a seamless hairline and is attached onto your hair with a single soft tic tac clip. You just open the clip, place it on your forehead and close the clip. There, you're cuter than before!

Let's take a look at our inspiration for this gorgeous product.

The first ever record of women wearing their hair into bangs is dated back to 5 BCE that's almost 2000 years ago! So if something is classic, it's them bangs girls! Bangs have continued to evolve all of these years.

The regency period (the 1800s) brought about tightly curled fringes into fashion, Victoria and spicy am I, right?

The 1920s was considered an era of a brave new world with the first world war behind, the blunt bangs came into fashion and they are oh so elegant and bold. The Dutch Boy Bob with blunt-cut bangs was a radical symbol of how women stood up for their independence and growth.

The 1930s saw side-swept bangs and let me tell you a secret, they look cute as buttons, especially if you style them right. There's something about bangs that give our face so much character.

It seems like the 1940s saw women experimenting with bangs themselves and we had some fascinating results although none more hyped than the bumper bangs. Every era has its idiosyncrasies.

The 1950s were a metamorphosis both for cinema and for bangs. Audrey Hepburn popularized the baby fringe which was completely revolutionized by Indian / Bollywood actress Sadhana. You must surely have heard of the 'Sadhana Cut'. It remained in popular culture for a long time in India.

Bangs went onto be even more refreshing from the 60s to the 80s where rock culture influenced the way we wear our hair - something more rugged and gorgeously messy. Even today, celebrities keep wearing hairstyles inspired by this era and well who can blame them, the temptation is strong.

Jennifer Aniston brought back side-swept bangs in the 90s and come on don't we all love Rachel's hair through all of the 10 seasons of friends?

Currently, we're in an era of experimental and creative hairstyling and bangs are a very important part of this.

We all love Dakota Johnson rocking her bangs, well you could have them too!

The best part about Clip-In Bangs is that you don't have to maintain them or style them all the time. They're adorable, they can be used every day and they give your face that extra dose of cuteness.

The exciting part is that you can team them with your other extensions to have your own little artsy adventure in hairstyling.

Currently we provide Clip-In Bangs in two versions - one is the classic clip -in bangs and the other is Clip-In Bangs with sides.

If you have your hair cut in layers, you can go for the classic version but if your hair is cut blunt, we recommend the bangs with sides. Bangs with sides go extremely well with ponytails, very Korean cute girl!

If you still have any doubts about Clip-In Bangs, feel free to DM us on Instagram @gemeriaindia , drop us a message on WhatsApp, or email me at

I'll see you soon again with another interesting topic until then keep getting creative with your hair!


Nidhi xx

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