How to take care of your hair extensions?

How to take care of your hair extensions?


This is your girl Nidhi and welcome back to this safe space where we discuss all things hair extensions.

Today we are going to cover a very important topic, how do you take care of your hair extensions?

Remy Virgin Hair Extensions aka real human hair extensions are exactly like your real hair and it is important to take special care of them as their life span can be decreased. While taking care of your extensions can be very similar to taking care of your own hair, here are a few key pointers to keep in mind:

1. Moisture Lock

Washing your hair extensions is, again, like washing your own hair. But the catch here is, to wash hair extensions in a bowl on the basin to ensure that the hair extensions are thoroughly cleaned. You must make sure the shampoo is completely rinsed off because any residue will lead to matting of the wefts and will result in tangling and frizz.

Make sure you use deep conditioning solution after shampooing your extensions. The hair on our scalp is nourished by the oils that are secreted from ducts in the pores of our scalp, something that does not happen with extensions. That's why we need to lock the moisture and nutrients into ensure that our hair extensions look immaculate.

Hair Toppers are cleaned in a similar fashion, only here you need to be careful about the base of the topper when you're washing it.

Here's a video that can help you if you have doubts around cleaning your Hair Topper.

2. Storing your hair extensions

It is very important to store your hair extensions properly. If you're using Gemeria's 7 Set Extensions or our Half Head Wig you already have the Gemeria Hair Extension Carrier along with the hanger which we provide for free, that is required to store your hair extensions.

Keeping hair extensions in the carrier ensures that moisture does not flee from your extensions and there's no unnecessary contact with air which can cause hair to get frizzy.

If you use half-head wigs regularly, it is a good investment to buy a wig stand that can hold onto your wigs in their best state until you use them again.

It's necessary that you don't let your clip-ins lay strewn about the table or hither thither because it will most certainly cause damage to your extensions and will definitely affect their longevity.

3. De-tangle both ways

It's really important that you constantly detangle your extensions. It's necessary to brush through your hair in general, it helps combat hair loss and frizziness. I personally prefer loop paddle brushes for detangling your hair extensions as they do the job well with the least amount of pressure on your roots.

Here's my detangling mantra

1st before you put them on
2nd after they are on
3rd when you remove them to put them in the carrier

What detangling ensures is that your hair extensions are not subjected to unnecessary friction which helps in locking in the moisture. It also ensures that any heating tools you might be using for styling will have minimal damage.

4. Heat Protectant Spray

Make sure you use a heat protectant spray when you use heating tools on your hair extensions. Your extensions are made from real human hair which is why heat affects the well-being of your extensions. Using heating tools while your hair is still wet can have adverse effects on your hair and cause severe hair loss, it can also ruin your hair extensions.

I highly recommend Dyson's Air Wrap which uses minimum heat, thus causing significantly low heat damage thus increasing the life of your hair extensions.

A good way of minimizing heat damage is to keep multiple sets of hair extensions so that you can keep one styled and the other straight and choose your pick depending on your style each day. The benefit is that styling one set once will last your 4 wears at the minimum, significantly reducing the amount of heat you'd use if you styled it 4 times separately.

5. Multiple Hair Products

Using multiple hair products can be very harmful. When you use hair products from a single source, they often have a single base which complement each other instead of being against each other which helps maintain the right pH in your hair and helps your hair extensions stay healthy. Decide a rigid hair care routine and stick to it diligently to ensure the health of your hair and your hair extensions.

6. Physical Activity

It's highly advised that you avoid strenuous physical activities when you are wearing hair extensions. Swimming with hair extensions will cause unwanted tug on your roots causing pain and even damage your extensions not to mention the resulting hair loss.

That's it for today. Let me know if you have any questions about taking care of your extensions (or any other doubt) by commenting below  or write me a mail at

I'll see you next time with another one of your questions, keep shinning GEMS!


Nidhi xx

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