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Different Types of Hair Patches: Which One is Right for You?

Loss of hair can be fixed with a hair patch. It is a creative way to cover up baldness that does not involve surgery. They are small pieces of human hair or artificial fibers stuck to the scalp to make it look like the person has a full head of hair. These patches usually cannot be worn while swimming or showering, but they can be worn day or night and are easy to take off at home.

There are often different colors, types, and kinds of hair patches. They usually come in light brown, dark brown, and black shades. How big and where the bald spot is will determine what size and type to choose. Therefore, it is essential to carefully select the color, size, and style that will work for you.

Hair patches are commonly the last thing that a person will resort to especially when it comes to baldness. It will cover the full head as any person will want and help them feel better. Therefore, this has resulted in an increased market for hair patches. This is because most people will prefer parches to surgery

Hair patch is one of the best ways of getting your hair back. Furthermore, this commonly happens to people who do not want to undergo surgery for hair transplant. The patches are made in a way they can fit in the users head perfectly. Thus, they make the head look normal and the users look better than before. The structure of the hair patches matches the color and the amount of hair that the user requires. When comparing the hair patches with wigs, you will realize that the hair patches are smaller and are only meant to cover the spot on the head without hair. Therefore, in this article we will be looking at

Different types of hair patches and which one is suitable for you.

Synthetic Hair Patches

This type of hair patch looks similar to natural hair in terms of texture and feel. Most synthetic patches are ready to use right out of the box and require little to no maintenance. Therefore, this makes them an excellent choice for most users. 

The hair design or style is baked into the wig, so no matter how bad the weather is, it will not change. You do not have to spend much time styling it because the curl pattern is already there and stays that way. However, you cannot change it, so natural hair is more flexible. Since they are made entirely of chemicals, they are rough and manageable to get tangled up in. They are much cheaper than natural human hair, but they only last for a short time, so you will have to change them very often.

The Pros

  • First, synthetic hair patches are less expensive than natural hair extensions. They are so cheap that you could buy and keep a whole pack. Because of where and how they are gotten, human hair extensions are more expensive. They last longer, too. Synthetic hair extensions are a quick way to change your look.
  • Hair extensions made of synthetic materials do not change. This means the style does not get all messed up and lose shape. Even after you wash it, all you have to do is shake it out and let it dry before you can use it again. No matter how hard the wind blows, the style stays the same. In addition, you do not have to do much to fix it.
  • If you do not like styling your hair, synthetic hair patches are the thing for you. It does not need to be dressed up. It takes little time to put on or take off. It helps when you have to go to a ceremony but do not have time to do your hair or do not want to.


  • Synthetic hair can only look like human hair, that is it. It has a lot more shine and is harder than t he human hair, so if he wants to play with your hair, or decides to give you a sweet head massage, you might wish to stop him from touching those areas.
  • Heat cannot damage natural hair extensions but can damage synthetic hair patches. It is easy to break. When the heat comes in touch with synthetic fibers, the fibers melt, the strands come apart and twist, and all that is left is the shape of what it used to be.
  • It is not permanent. Even if you take the best care of your synthetic hair patches, it will only last a few weeks.
  • You cannot change the way a fake wig looks. You will have to buy different types of counterfeit wigs if you want different looks.
Human Hair Patches

Human hair is by far the most natural looking and gives natural feeling because it is real hair. Human hair is very soft and has a natural shine and movement that are hard for fake hair to match. It can be curled or worn straight, just like your own hair, and is durable enough to last more than five years.


  • Human hair patches are easier to find, making them easier to sew.
  • Natural hair is better than synthetic hair patches in terms of quality.
  • High quality human hair patches are easy to style and maintain, making it easier for you to take care of them like real hair.
  • Easy to achieve the exit look you may want, as they can be easily styled, coloured or anything that you cand o with your real hair.


  • Requires real hair like maintenance, because they are real hair.
  • They are expensive as quality doesn’t come cheap.
  • Human hair does not come ready to wear, so it takes extra work to get it ready to use in the beginning.
  • These are best for people who love to keep trying different looks. It is also great if you are looking for a one stable hairstyle, actually it will last longer if you want to have only one hairstyle.

Clip-In Hair Patches
clip in hair patch

These are the easiest patches to apply and the least expensive in the market. The structure is made to make it easy to clip it onto the hair and cover the bald spot and other places where the hair is thinner. The clip-in patches come in different types, colors, and lengths. It is, therefore, easy to manage your hair. It is also easy to remove them, and they can be dressed to your preference. At Gemeria, you will find a variety of clips in patches of high quality, depending on your budget and size.


  • They can be removed and installed easily
  • they are cheaper
  • Comes in different types, lengths, and colors of hair.
  • It can be made to look like your own hair


  • The hair may not stay in place if it is thin or delicate.
  • The patch may only look natural if it stands out a little.
  • If not correctly attached, it can hurt the hair you already have.

Glue-in Hair Patches

People who want a more lasting answer to hair loss often use glue-in hair patches. The patch goes right on the head, making it look natural and smooth. You can also get these patches in different hair types and colors and style them to fit your own hair.


  • It gives a look that is natural and smooth
  • Comes in different types, lengths, and colors of hair.
  • It can be made to look like your own hair
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • If it is not put right, it could irritate the skin.
  • It can be hard to get rid of after use.
  • If not correctly attached, it could hurt the hair you already have.
  • Can cost a lot, as it is expensive.

Sew-In Hair Patches

The best traditional method for putting in weave involves attaching hair extensions to a woven base. A sew-in usually takes two to three hours; if you take good care of it, it will last about two months. With the best hair for putting in, hair extensions are connected with thread and a needle at the hair wefts or tracks. When you have decided that sewing in your hair is the best way to do it, you must also consider the type of hair you will use. Sew-ins must be made correctly for them to work and last.


  • The best hair for sew-in are from Vietnam and India as they are medium thick.
  • It has a smooth and soft feel to it.
  • It is easy to lighten and dye like natural hair to make it any color you want.


  • Most of the time, there is no hair in stock.

Strand-by-Strand Hair Patches

Small strands of extension hair are connected to small pieces of your hair one at a time. This can be done by weaving, gluing, heat fusing, clamping with metal tubes, sewing, hand knotting, or using waxes and polymers. We can use strands that have already been tipped or make them from scratch in the studio.

Which Type of Hair Patch is Right for You?

There are a few things to consider regarding the types of hair patches and which one suits you. Some of these things are how much hair you lose, what kind of hair you have, and how you live. Choosing a hair patch that fits your needs and gives you the best results is essential.

Most of the time, the price of a hair patch tells you how well it will work. When better hair is used in a hair patch, it will cost more, but you will also have to spend more money. If you choose less expensive ones, they might not last as long. Not only that, but cheaper hair patches look fake.

If you want to buy them for yourself, you can choose ones that are better made and look more natural on your head. If it is for business, using fake ones is fine since they can be sold for less money. 

At first, the cost of good patches may seem higher than the cost of grafts, but in the end, they are less expensive because you can use them for a long time if you take care of them properly.


In a nutshell, consider your hair type while looking for a suitable hair patch. It is important to seek clarification from an expert or doctor to help make the right decision. This is critical, especially if you have sensitive skin. Men also wear hair patches to hide the bald spot that shows on the head. Therefore, the patches are not limited to any gender. Choose yours today and boost your confidence back.

You might be wondering where to get the hair patches we discussed. You do not need to worry; Gemeria is your one-stop shop. Get all types of hair patches depending on your skin type. There are many types of hair patches like those discussed above, and we are here to help you choose the right one. What are you waiting for? Contact us, and we will be ready to serve you anytime.

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