Hair extension looks for air hostesses

Cabin Crew Chic: Top 3 Elegant Hair Extension Looks for Air Hostesses

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Hello, fabulous flyers!
This Is Captain Gem Speaking,

Welcome Aboard Gemeria AirGlam 

First off, esteemed air hostesses, your ability to take off in style on every flight just exudes unparalleled grace, poise, and style! You guys are like the ultimate style mavens that elevate looks on a stratospheric level- no literally!

So this one here, is for you all, dear cabin crew! 

Air hostesses

Fasten your seatbelts, let’s dial up the glamour, and cue up the hair extensions cause we're taking your look to new heights! From takeoff to touchdown, get ready to turn heads with these top three hairstyles!

But before we go any further, let’s answer this most crucial question…

Are Air Hostesses Allowed To Don Human Hair Extensions?

The answer to this is yes! Flight attendants are allowed to wear hair extensions but only keeping in mind that these should be a very subtle style and nothing too exaggerated nor too extreme.

Although the policies regarding flight attendance and how they wear their hair can vary from airline to airline;  some Airlines however have a strict grooming standard that very firmly dictates the length of hair and how to style them as well as whether they are allowed to color their hair or not.

In most cases, air hostesses are permitted to wear hair extensions and weeks as long as they are dear to the airline's grooming guidelines as well as standards. Some Airlines also require medical documentation when it comes to incorporating hair extensions, wigs or even clip-ins into their overall look.

The reason why there are strict restrictions in policies regarding flight attendance wearing hair extensions is that they need to make sure that did not pose any kind of safety hazard or interfere with their ability to perform the duties effectively. 

Another reason why hairstyle guidelines are so tight is also to maintain the airline’s professional image. But a sweet little clip-in bang, or even a one-set volume is a clip-in hair extension wouldn’t do any harm.

So we decided to put three of the best hair extension hairstyles Air hostesses can use while flying!

Flying in Style: Top 3 Hairstyles for Air Hostesses with Hair Extensions

When flying high, all the travel and the humidity can do a serious number on your hair. The ever-changing environments, the changing temperatures, long travels, and a couple of other stressors can expose your locks to serious damage to your locks. Yet with all of these, you guys still greet every passenger with a beautiful smile.

Here’s our way of giving you tips and tricks to keep all of those things in place and keep that grace in check with our very own hair extensions!

1. The Classic Bun

Air hostesses classic bun hairstyle

When and doubt catch all of that hair and put it in a bun. 

This timeless hairstyle suits every face shape and it can also fit into a happy like a Hijab or even a cap. This is by far the best hairstyle for flight attendance because of its neatness and its practicality.

Beat a flight attendant interview or even while flying to different geographies of the world with a bun all tied up together in a chignon, it is your go-to for the easiest and quickest low-maintenance hairstyle.

Here's how you can style a classic bun as a flight attendant with our hair extensions,

  • For this, you will need the Gemeria Classic 2 Piece Set Straight Hair Clip-in Volumizer. You can even opt for the Faux Scrunchie Bun and packet all into a net.
  • When it comes to the clip-in extensions, Simply clip it on focusing on the area where you want to add more volume and length.
  • For added definition, you can also go ahead and use a curling iron on this human hair extension to maybe make loose waves throughout the hair.
  • Once you have called your hair, you will now tie all of it up into a ponytail choosing where you want to place the bun.
  • This is where you will twist the hair into a bun and Secure it with pins and for that finishing look, you can add a net to keep it all in place.
  • Now to give you a much more sleek and smooth look, spray some hairspray and using a fine tooth comb gently brush back everything.

2. French Twist Bun

Air hostesses french twist bun

One of the most elegant buns with a touch of detail and our personal favourite is the French twist hairstyle which is the quickest way to look polished and graceful in a matter of minutes. 

It’s a signature style that has volume in its details, especially at the crown of the head. This will not only make you feel reason but 10 times more beautiful than you already are.

To replicate this beautiful hairstyle with our hair extensions, this is how you do it:

  • You can use the same hair extensions in the aforementioned hairstyle.
  • Clip them in the same way and sleep all your hair to one side.
  • Next, you will twist and lift the tail as if you are going to clip on a giant butterfly clip.
  • Once you have secured all the hair in this particular manner you will secure the twisted section with bobby pins. One pro tip from our side is to bend the Bobby pin a little bit to give you that more arched look on the French bun.
  • This is why you will talk the ends in with a few more pins until none of the hair is sticking out.
  • Gently comb the upper section of your hair without deflating all that puff and spray some hair spray on for some additional firmness and setting.

3. The Sleek and Stylish Ponytail

Let's see your board with the whole bun situation and you want to try out something more peppy and fun. The next hairstyle in line is a sleek and polished ponytail finished with a fine tooth comb.

For this look,  if you want to add more volume to your ponytail,  don't go in for the tacky synthetic hair extensions or wigs. All you have to do is use the Barrel Brown Balayage Seamless 3-Piece Set Clip-In Hair Volumizer, which is also available in many other shapes, sizes, and textures too!

Here is how you can style this look with the seamless 3 piece set clip-in hair extensions:

  • Start by brushing your natural hair and making a center partition into two equal horizontal sections.
  • You will now create another section exactly at the midsection of your head and use the tip of your ears as guidelines to section the hair, you will now pin this section on top and attach one of the sets of hair extensions on the lower part of the head.
  • Once you have secured the clip-in hair extension at the lower mid-section of your head, you will continue to do the same on the top section where you had initially made the two horizontally equal partitions.
  • Now gently start smoothening all your hair with the fine too comb.
  • You will now tie all your hair into a ponytail with a hair tie making sure that it is nice and tight and secure.
  • Use of Brush to smoke out any sort of flaws or bumps creating a super sleek and polished finish.
  • Complete the look with a splash of hair spray to keep the ponytail in place right throughout your flight And there you go a simple hairstyle with a touch of elegance all ready for you to take off!

Tips for Choosing and Caring for Hair Extensions

Before we close up on this comprehensive guide on hair perfection let's also show you the importance of choosing the right kind of hair extension or wig and how you can care for them properly.

When you are selecting hair extensions, especially human hair extensions, be sure to choose nothing but high-quality natural-looking hair that matches your texture, shade, and color.

As for caring for your hair extensions, there are very simple but easy methods to care for them to increase their lifespan and continue using them over a long period. 

The mantra is never to use accessive heat, harsh hair products, or even chemicals on natural hair extensions.  This is because your natural hair extensions are just as Natural as the hair on your head.  Which means that they are also susceptible to hair damage and breaking.

Instead, we advise you to go for gentle options like using sulfate and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners. 

Another important thing to keep in mind while carrying your hair extensions properly is never to sleep with your hair extensions on unless they are tapped in, glued in, or even sewn in. If you do use a lot of clip-in hair extensions then do not forget to take the mouth in the night and hang them on a hair extension dryer to avoid any sort of tangling or matting.


So there you have it my dear lovely air hostesses,  the top 3 glamorous hairstyles that you can try.  whether you prefer sleek ponytails, elegant buns,  or sweet short bobs; there's a hairstyle for every air hostess looking to make a statement in the skies.

So go ahead, experiment with different looks, and let your hair be your ultimate accessory as you jet-set around the world. With the right hair extensions and a touch of styling magic, you'll be turning heads and taking names from takeoff to touchdown. 

Happy flying, beauties!

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