What’s your gemeria hair extension horoscope game?

What’s Your Gemeria Hair Extension Horoscope Game?

Ahh…Yes, the never-ending thirst of trying to find out what lies in the future and what lies about you… But sorry to burst the bubble, this is a blog that talks about something fun for a change. 

What is your Gemeria Hair Extension Horoscope? Is it a Leo that has a voluminous mane, or an Aquarius with mermaid-like locks or even better a Sagittarian woman with long curly locks cascading down her back I see stand multi with her bow and arrow?

Only one way to find out! Let's get reading. 

If there is something that we have learnt in the world of fashion, beauty, and the hair extension industry, it is that styles change and trends are unpredictable. One moment we have bouffant hair and the next moment we see someone with slime-green flat hair.

Safe to say…change is good!

But let’s add a little twist to the human hair extension game. We all love a good horoscope reading and a little glimpse into our true selves, don't we?

So here it is!

12 Astrological Signs And Their Phenomenal Hair Extension Hairstyles

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19): Bold, Brave and Beautiful

Dear Aries,  the trailblazer, the show stopper and the one that is known for their advantages and bold and unpredictable spirit according to the gems of Gemeria,  we feel that Halo hair extensions are a perfect match for you! 

halo hair extensions

Why do you ask? This is the only hair extension that allows you to make a statement along with those bold and dramatic moves you make now and then! As an Aries, you are no stranger to bold and sassy styles so dramatic reds, bold blues and ivory sheers are your halo hair extension colour this season!

Your daring personality and your impulsive style change will thank you for these fiery and adaptable colours and styles that display your innate qualities. 

2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Luxuriously Grounded and Effortlessly Stunning

My dear Taurus! Although you may be considered a stubborn bull in the China shop, you are all about luxury and stability and people mistake you. And this is why a classic 7-set clip-in hair extension is just what you need to prove them all wrong.

7 set clip-in hair extensions

These bring out your naturally bold and charismatic look with a gracious pour of glamour. As a Taurus you want to stay beautiful and not something complicated. A simple caramel balayage hair flowing down your back is all you need to feel like yourself. Dusky hues, what’s to lose, go ahead and give the world that you are their muse!

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3. Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Dynamic and Diverse

Dear Geminis, you are known as the social butterfly in the zodiac realm. As a Gemini who has an ever-changing personality, it's time for you to gain some kind of stability with clip-in hair extensions and we are feeling something along the lines of ash Brown or dead black hair.

clip-in hair extensions

You know these hair extensions are quite easy to apply and remove, allowing you to switch up to that celestial look whenever the mood strikes and you also know that you can come back to your original self whenever you don't feel like it.

The dance between multiple personalities as a Gemini zodiac sign is already overbearing and so we bless you with the flexibility of clip-in hair extensions that live perfectly well with your adaptable and flexible nature.

So whether you're planning to rock curly hair or sleek and neatly back hairstyles you can experiment with whatever you like and your hair is your Canvas!

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4. Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Soft, Subtle and Sensible

The all nurturing and the sensitive one of them all, You Cancerians, are often associated with  home and comfort.

Because you are of a soft and subtly romantic nature, Micro-ring hair extensions are a gentle and peaceful option that doesn't require any kind of heat or glue or any kind of fuss for that matter.

Micro-ring hair extensions

As a cancerian,  you guys like staying in the background,  and you are one of those who  don't enjoy the spotlight on you. And that's why these hair extensions become a seamless natural look, an ideal choice for this  sign that values pure authenticity  and something discret.

From platinum blondes to light chocolate browns, these are the tones that compliment any cancerians gentle vibe. These are styles the create a comfortable and approachable look that compliments  a canserian’s warm personality. 

5. Leo (July 23 - August 22): Glamorous and Grand

You know when a Leo enters the room and suddenly everything is perfect!

Let’s all admit to this….The entire Zodiac clan does have some form of jealousy with Leos. Is it because of their fiery, bold and dramatic flare? Or is it simply because, we hardly put any effort but still when any match or any battle? 

People who are born under the Leo zodiac sign are born naturally with a huge amount of sunshine within them. The most flamboyant and the most glamorous of all signs, a dramatic high-ponytail hair extension is just what a Leo needs to flaunt her mane and to make her grand entrance wherever she struts!

Ponytail hair extensions

We are talking about volume, length, definition, and a whole lotta of sass putting together a dramatic and high-voltage look!

If you thought Gemenis are social butterflies he was sadly mistaken!  Leos enjoy the attention and they love to shine,  so we think that along with your high Ponytail hair extension, some golden highlights or a blend of caramel balayage  is all you need to achieve the glamorous style that matches your supernatural confidence and charisma! 

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6. Virgo (August 23 - September 22): The Practical, Polished and Put-Together

The perfectionist and the wise ones in the zodiac family of a known for their attention to detailed and unbiased approach to problems and solutions, Virgos  would really look good and I have a stand that is neat, tidy, and polished.

Virgos do not like any kind of fuss and so Faux Buns and Clip-in bangs are just the way to go! These meticulous hairstyles do not need any kind of excessive styling and so they make it a perfect and a refined look that reflects their very nature.

clip-in bangs
Faux hair bun

There is honestly nothing more we can  say about Virgos, they are perfect and they are also quite subtle about it.

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7. Libra (September 23 - October 22): Balanced, Beautiful and Benevolent

The scales of justice are in their hands and one knows better to do justice to their style and personality than that of a Libra!

Dear Librans, the peacemakers of the Zodiac family and of the universe, you are known for the warm and comforting peace you bring. You are all about maintaining balance and harmony. When it comes to your hair, your crowning glory, your type is a well-balanced look between something grand and something subtle. How do you do it Librans? 

The deep curly hair wig is what is ideal for a Libra! A head full of curls and a mind full of balance, the perfect symmetry and pure grace, that’s the way to go.

curly half head wig

8. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Mysterious, Magnetic and Magnificent

Known for their mysterious aura and enchanting personality, this enigmatic sign from the Zodiac realm is all about making you guess their next move…

But when it comes to their style, bold red lips and eyes full of wonder and mystery, Scorpions are the ones with a captivating look and bold approach. They ideally prefer hairstyles that make a statement, but a statement enough to throw you into awe. Straight, voluminous hair with a hint of drama here and there; a set of wavy hair extensions is how you hook everyone into your lair!

wavy hair extensions

Blacks and Auburns, paired with a magnetic charm, a little drama did no harm…

9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Free-Spirited, Fun and Fascinating

Often known as the adventurous once among all of the zodiac signs,  this precipitated and spontaneous zodiac sign prefers hairstyle that is easy going, fun, and something that gives them a natural yet dynamic look.

Balayage hair extensions are exactly the ones for our dearest Centaurs!

Dusky brown hues, golden caramel hair, or even ash browns offer this sign, a sun kissed affect and a perfect balance of expression. These hair extensions are just perfect for sagittarians because of their vibrant and colourful soul and their search to embrace new experiences in life. All in all,  sagittarians can opt for longer locks for boho-chic style that reflects their carefree and bold personality.

10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Classic, Elegant and Captivating

The traditionalist and the fundamentalists of the zodiac community,  your discipline and your classic style is commendable. These are the kind of Zodiac signs that prefer elegant and timeless hair do and so clip in bangs paired with  a high Ponytail hair extension is just what they need. Capricorns prefer something classic and something that boasts their values and morals. They are all about a professional style that aligns with their practical approach to life. And so, here that has shades of death black  or once that are as brown as a berry  or even as golden as amber are just what you need dear Capricorns!

11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Unique, Unpredictable and Unorthodox

Rebel is your middle name and you maybe as crazy as a fox. But don't be  mistaken dear readers,  these aquariums are unknown For that humanitarian and socially conscious sense of being.

They may look like a person that is a nonconformist and somebody who's Not Afraid it to go Against The Grain but in the same breath they are quite intellectual, analytical, eccentric and quirky.

For our dearest Aquarius friend micro ring hair extensions that are long and lustrous proves to be a customisable and a versatile option. Thanks to the wild and unpredictable bold energy this is something an Aquarius can experiment with. You have the liberty to try our different colours in textures while creating a unique hairstyle that completely reflects your authentic and  individualistic personality.

12. Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Dreamy, Delicate and Daring

Pisces are one of those signs that That show you that they could be a mermaid straight out of a Disney princess movie if they are treated right.  But they are also the ones that can show you what a siren is capable of if challenged or intermediated.

Often known as The Dreamers of the zodiac family they are known for their soft in the serial nature but that is only until you challenge them. The romantic and whimsical approach to life calls for tape in hair extensions that offer gentle and a seamless option for them.

Tape-in hair extensions

Hair colours like platinum blondes or pastel shades or even see weed greens  are just what they need to channel there in a goddess. This clearly reflects their dreamy and delicate personality and matches their  ethereal appearance too.

blonde hair extensions


No matter here zodiac sign or your hair extension preference remember that your hair is your canvas and you are beautiful the way you are. From an Ariens  bold appearance to a spicy's dreamy and whimsical beauty you can be anything you want.

So go ahead choose your zodiac sign and let us know what your hair extension is in the comments below!

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