Hair Topper for women with extreme hair thinning

Hair Topper for women with extreme hair thinning


This is your girl Nidhi and today I am coming to you with a personal story that I hope will help you.

Hair thinning is a constant complaint with women. Our TV Commercials are full of shampoo commercials that promise zero shedding and our social media feeds are full of skin care brands pegging some or the other serum, mousse and what-nots that are meant to restore the falling of hair.

Irrespective of all of these enticing promises, hair fall has persisted and it seems like the more we experiment with hair care products the more our hair rejects growth. There are however a few plausible ways of instigating hair follicles to spurt into growth, but these are not instant remedies and they take consistency and patience as they work gradually over years of work.

While you take care of your hair through remedies that actually work for you, you might need a replacement that fixes your hair thinning in an inconspicuous manner. I will demonstrate this by drawing on my own experience. I have been suffering from unusual hair loss since I was sixteen, I have a widened parting. Initially I thought it was because I was parting my hair the same way for too long. Changing the parting did not help, my mom kept trying all the tricks under her sleeve, even took me to a dermatologist. But nope nothing worked.

I have after over twelve years found an oil that's helping me control my hair fall but I haven't seen new hair growth yet. And I wanted to gain back the confidence that I was losing perpetually because of my hair loss. No matter how well you dress, your bald spots will ruin the entire look, your mood and your confidence. It did for me anyway.

That's when I found the Volume Topper. A Volume Topper is basically a hair topper that is designed for women who suffer from severe hair loss. It is 6 inches wide and 8 inches long because of which it covers pretty much your entire crown area. The topper is easily attached with tic tac clips.

When I wore the Volume Topper for the first time I cannot express my happiness, it was like I was a whole new person. The increase in volume along with a realistic parting makes it impossible for anyone to guess you're wearing a hair topper!

The best part is that you can wear the Volume Topper all day long and very easily make it last for years as long as you take care of it.

The Volume Topper Summarized:

  • 100% real human hair

  • Heat resistant - curl it, straighten it, crimp it, and color it

  • The base size is 6x8"

  • Free parting -ย ย can be parted any side and backcombed

  • Knots are visible when you look really close, but give a realistic effect

  • Better than lace and upgraded version of lace toppers

  • Hair toppers can last for good two years and if worn daily then they might last a year as the topper itself will start thinning because the hair is hand-knotted on the base

I'll let you into a secret, wear your hair topper and get a haircut, your topper will become so customised to your style that it will add ten more stars to your already shining new-look. I have met plenty of women who wear the volume topper even when they don't have hair thinning. This is because of the spectacular amount of volume that the topper provides and gives you that dense, shampoo commercial hair style.



The Volume Topper will certainly become a staple. What's even better is that you will love how the hair topper complements your hair growth. When you wear a hair topper, your scalp is protected from pollution and it creates a safe environment in which your hair can absorb all the nourishment you are providing it and work towards your hair goals.



The Volume Topper can also be recoloured so you can find what fits the best for you and get it coloured by a salon professional. The important thing is to remember that your experience with this product might differ from mine, make any tweaks you need to make it all about you. The Volume Topper is a free parting topper, which means you can part your hair however you want. You can make any hairstyles with the Volume Topper so it isn't just a cover-up.

If you want to learn more about this fantastic product or have any questions, feel free to email me at I'm really excited to hear what you guys think about this one.


Nidhi xx

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