Hair Extensions For The Festive Season

Hair Extensions For The Festive Season


This is your girl Nidhi!

The most exciting time of the year is upon us and I'm guessing everyone is ready with what they're going to wear, which lipstick goes with which blouse and how they'd be doing their eye makeup. That is the excitement of these festivities, isn't it? That gorgeous process of picking and matching, wearing and decorating - not just our bedsheets and curtains but also our clothes and adorations.

You, however, have seemed to forget a very important aspect of this merriment - your hair. When you're ready with the most dazzling clothes, makeup that gives Deepika Padukone competition and your heels so gorgeous they belong to the living room cabinet - your hair deserves an equal amount of attention. After all, your hair is where you place your crown and why would you ever want to let that go so frivolously.

Talking of crowns, The House Of Dragon hairstyles are keeping up with the Game Of Thrones standards and we are here for it! You see why I say hair is important for all you queens?

We at Gemeria have had the privilege of serving some really gorgeous ladies with extensions that will match your divine attire. This is a list of hair extensions that you can checkout, I've divided them on the basis of how you might approach your hair dressing. I hope you'll find the one you're looking for here.

The Half Head Wig

The Half Head Wig will give you a transformation that will stun everyone in admiration. The Half Head Wig is designed so that you can have extra volume, length and colour, without having to deal with hair damaging treatment.

The Half Head Wig is available in a deep curly texture as well, so that's a transformation you will want for your Diwali after-party.

The Half Head Wig is also travel friendly and can be worn the entire day without any hassle. If you want more volume, go for the higher weight variant of the product.

Clip-In Extensions

7 Set Clip In Extensions are a marvellous way of increasing the length of your hair and adding volume. These are available in a variety of colours to suit the Indian complexion. You can use this for Diwali night, experiment with hairstyles or simply let them flow and shine. 7 Set Clip-In Extensions take round about 7 minutes to wear and they are definitely a preferred choice if you want volume to be a little lesser than that of the half head wig (which gives phenomenal volume)

Budget Options

If you're on a money crunch, I still have a few options for you and I'm betting you will love them

Three Piece Volumizer

These are available in both natural and coloured variants, as the name suggest, it will increase hair volume and will add colour to your hair without boring a hole into your pocket. These will come in handy post Diwali as well, when you are back to work. Classy and budget-friendly

Two Piece Volumizer

Two piece volumizers will add volume to your sides, this is especially a good option if you're going to wear your hair down for the occasion, these are available in natural colours and textures only

Single piece Volumizer

The Single Piece volumizer comes with four clips that you can attach in the middle of your hair. It will give your hair an extra push and visibly increase volume, these are however available in natural colours only.

Single Clip Highlights

This is the best way to add colour to your hair without commitment. This one is super budget friendly and will definitely be a good option as you can match your hair with your outfit, or go for one of those evergreen colours (copper brown and chocolate brown are a fan favourite - we have sold thousands of units)

Clip-In Bangs

Keeping Diwali low-key? Add a touch of cuteness with our clip-in bangs, they will absolutely transform your look that too with the click of a single clip

These are your options and you can choose any or all of them depending on your celebration schedule for the year. The best part is that these are an investment, you can happily use them for over two years with proper care and they look realistic because they are made from real human hair.

Make sure to tag us on social media when you post that Diwali Selfie because we love to see you guys wearing Gemeria products. Some good news to share:

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If you have any doubts or queries, get in touch with us at Will see you soon with another exciting post. Happy Diwali!


Nidhi x

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