Hot Questions Answered #1: Buying Extensions online made easy

Hot Questions Answered #1: Buying Extensions online made easy

Hello Gems,

We are aware that a lot of burning questions go through your mind every time you consider buying extensions - that is exactly why we have begun this series - Hot Questions Answered - to help you navigate the universe of hair extensions.


By this, I mean hair extensions of the best quality in the world, natural human hair extensions or Remy hair extensions. These have the hair cuticles intact and in the same direction - which makes them as natural as your hair and are oh so easy to use, care and style.

Which hair extensions are best for me?

Depending on your needs

If you need volume only: go for the Three Clip volumizer

If you want volume and length: you can consider our 7 Clip-In Hair Extensions

If your concern is thinning on the scalp: Explore our range of toppers

Which one: Hair extensions vs Toppers?

If youโ€™re looking for a solution to your scalp thinning, consider using a topper. There are toppers that will add volume and give your length. If youโ€™re looking for volume and length (or even color) look for our range of Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Can I use hair extensions to make different hairstyles?

YES! You only need to place the clips strategically so that they are not visible. Check out our Youtube channel to make sure that you know how to place the clips. Itโ€™s super easy and a one-minute video will make you a pro at it.ย 

What do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions are a long-term investment, if you go for real human hair extensions, they blend perfectly with your hair and nobody will know youโ€™re even wearing them. This makes them a tad costlier but they are the best available option.ย 

Where can I find hair extensions I can dye?

Because all of our hair is natural human hair of the best quality, you can easily dye them to whichever color youโ€™d want (except the jet black ones because they are dyed permanently). If you are specifically looking for colored extensions try our range of colored hair extensions - this includes our clip-in highlights and our Seven Clip In Extensions which come in rose gold and are so chic youโ€™ll want to wear them everyday.

Hair extensions lagane ka tarika?

Our hair extensions are so simple to use even children can install them. Check out our Youtube channel for a detailed explanation and tutorial.

What hair extensions are best for thin hair?

Our Volume Topper will be perfect for you, you can also check out our range of Volumizers that focus solely on volume. These come in a variety of sizes, depending on your hair length. You can check this out in our collection and watch the video to get the gist of it.

When to wash hair extensions?

You can go for months without washing your extensions, just make sure you keep them safe - our packaging has been designed in a manner to ensure that you have a safe and special place to store them. When you do wash your hair extensions, make sure you use the same shampoo you use for your hair and use conditioner generously.

Which hair extensions are the best quality?

Remy Hair / Virgin Hair is the best quality hair extension. This is made from 100% natural human hair and it makes sure it blends perfectly with your own mane of hair.

Which hair extensions are least damaging?

Our DIY extensions are the least damaging as they are very easy to use and do not pull on your natural hair, it is necessary to make sure you install them correctly, please check out our Youtube channel where we have guides and tutorials that will ensure that youโ€™re able to use them easily and quickly.

Keep an eye out on this space to get more updates on how you can make your hair gorgeous.

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