How to Care for Your Curly Hair Extensions

How to Care for Your Curly Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions help you enjoy long-lasting natural looking hair all the time without causing any damage to your real hair. They are safe and quick to install. That’s why women across the world are showing an interest in hair extensions. They come in all hair types. Therefore, before choosing one for yourself, match your hair extension with your actual hair. Like natural hair, hair extensions come in straight, curly, and wavy hair types with a lifespan of a maximum of 1 year. However, if not cared for properly, you will lose them in just a few weeks. Curly hair extensions demand more intense care. If you are using such a hair extension, here are some tips to make it long-lasting.


Types of Curly Hair Extensions:

  1.   Virgin Curly Extensions:

These are virgin Remy human hair extensions that have gone through no chemical processing or treatment. They come in several curl patterns, including wavy or curly textures, in many colours. Virgin curly hair extensions are long-lasting and very natural in use. As they are not chemically treated, they fall in a natural-looking appearance. You can use it with a curling iron, blow-dried, flat iron, or worn straight and wavy. You also have the liberty to apply several styles to this hair extension. 

  1.   Curly Hair Wefts:

Curly hair wefts are already in a curl pattern. Like virgin curly extensions, it is also not processed or chemically treated. They are popular among women who don’t want to put their time into curling hair extensions. Just wear it, and you're all set for the party. 

  1.   Curly Clip-in Hair Extension:

Curly clip-in hair extensions go through several chemical treatments and processes. This is to give them a curly texture. You can use it for a full head of curls or for applying it on a specific section of the head. 

Here are top 11 Tips to Take Care of Curly Hair Extensions:

Like all natural things, your hair extensions will also be worn out after a few months. A hair extension can last 6 months to 1 year at maximum. Below are some professional tips to keep it healthy for a long time. 

  1.   Do Finger Combing:

The one piece of advice that all hair experts give is to correct the way of combing your hair extensions to give them a longer lifespan. Especially when you have a curly hair extension, you will face frizzy, tangled hairs which will be difficult to handle. The best way to use fingers instead of brushing them. Brushing will cause breakage and your finger will help you detangle them with gentleness. You can also go for a wide tooth wooden comb. Always start from the ends & go downside to detangle your hair extension. 

  1.   Don’t Wash Them Daily:

Just like your natural hair, your hair extensions do not need to be washed daily. Making daily contact with water will weaken them. It will go through strain and stress and will finally cause the breakage, and fragile strands, and dry out the curls. 

  1.   Moisturizer & Conditioner:

Your hair extension also wants some extra care from you. To keep them healthy and usable for a longer time, keep moisturising & conditioning them. Use a shampoo to wash and then a silicon-based conditioner to have the best results. You can also go with a hair mask to give it shine & natural health. 

  1.   Don’t Scrub or Soak Hair Extensions:

Keep your extensions away from water as much as possible. After a wash, immediately absorb water with a towel. Remember not to rush and do it calmly. Also when you see running errands, start wearing a hat to safeguard it from the sun & mist. 

  1.   Careful While Sleeping:

When sleeping, use a satin pillowcase. Satin cloth is better for hair health. It doesn’t let your hair get tangled and minimises breakages during sleep. If you don’t have a satin pillowcase, try using a satin scarf beneath your head. 

  1.   Avoid Hairspray & Mousse:

Don’t use hairsprays and mousse very frequently. These will make your hair sticky & greasy. 

  1.   Avoid Heat Damage:

Regularly heating your extensions will burn their hair ends. As a result, they will wear out before time. Especially when you are dealing with curly hair, you need to put them away from heat. Instead use flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. 

  1.   Clips & Pins are Helpful:

Clips & pins are great tools for keeping your hair extensions detangled & matt-free. Use pins to secure your extension while sleeping. Clips & pins are also useful in keeping them fixed on your head when you are out for work or an occasion. You can also go for bobby pins. 

  1.   Keep Your Scalp healthy:

Do you know why your hair extension will wear out? Because you don’t care about your scalp. A healthy clean scalp helps to grow thicker & healthy natural hairs. Also, a healthy scalp will set a positive environment for hair extensions too. 

  1. Careful While Drying Your Hairs:

- Don’t interfere when your curls are wet. This will make them weak to cause breakage. 

- Always go for air dry or natural dry methods. 

- If you need to go, dry your hair gently with a cotton t-shirt. 

- For any emergency, use a diffuser on your scalp. Be careful, as escaping air may generate frizz in your hair. 

- Don’t massage your hair roughly to avoid frizzes and breakages. 

  1. Separate the Bonds Regularly:

Lastly, if you want to keep your curly hair extensions healthy for a longer time, give them 10-15 minutes each day. At the end of the day, use your fingers to find the knots in your hair and unlock them with your fingers. Surprisingly, this is not too time-consuming and you can do it in your free time. You may go for a wooden wide-tooth comb to do so. By keeping the connection apart, you will make them long-lasting. 


Curly hairs are difficult to handle, but it’s not impossible to take care of them. With a few ideas and an understanding of your hair extension texture, you will be able to use them for 6–8 months.

We are the digital team of Gemeria hair extension manufacturing company that has practical expertise in the industry. In this article, we have discussed 11 tips on how you can make your hair extensions great-looking and long-lasting. If you are using such a hair extension, apply all these tips to make it healthy and usable for months. If you are searching for the best curly hair extensions, then visit our website to explore the variety of hair extensions.

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