Why buy real human hair extensions?

Why buy real human hair extensions?

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This is your girl Nidhi again and today I wanted to talk about an issue which is very close to our heart as an organization. 

“The human body is the best work of art.”
Jess C. Scott

I guess the most important aspect of any fashion and beauty product has always been how beautifully it blends into our own self, it becomes a part of us. Any product that we use, will glorify our already fabulous being. That is why it is necessary to be careful as to which products we use in order to celebrate ourselves.

We have, as a race, always preferred beauty products that make us look naturally beautiful. Now I'm not talking about Elizabeth I (whose face was destroyed by the makeup she put in order to hide the marks of small pox) or drag queens (they have a different throne than you, we are all queens). Indians especially have focused on skincare for the past two thousand years focussing solely on skincare and hair care products to bring out the beauty in you, instead of makeup which has had relatively low popularity until we crossed the millennium.

SInce we have established the importance of hair that blends in naturally, let us take a look at the so-called inexpensive products that are currently available in the market.

We have been in the real human hair extensions online business for the past ten years and what we have learnt so far is that the industry is as complicated as they come and very few people worth their salt will give you a genuine product.

These are synthetic hair vendors producing your hair out of machines (which is quite blasphemous to us because most of our work is done by skilled labourers). Then there are people who mix synthetic hair with real human hair to give you a mediocre quality product.

There are certain problematic products on the market:

Synthetic hair extensions are made from, you guessed it, synthetic aka man made materials. Because they're practically sluiced out of cheap fabric, their cost of making is super cheap and hence their selling price is also very cheap.

A lot of people sell mixed hair (parts of real human hair with parts of synthetic hair) and because they use synthetic hair the cost price gets significantly reduced. It is necessary for us as consumers to be aware of these malpractices and to make conscious and well-informed decisions.

There are two hiccups with this product:

  1. Increase in non biodegradable waste: We are moving towards a climate crisis and it is very important that we make the right choices when it comes to our consumption and our carbon footprint. Synthetic hair is non biodegradable which means that it does not decompose into the soil like organic products. The waste generated while producing synthetic hair is also non biodegradable and toxic.

  2. Unnatural looking hair: Synthetic hair or people selling mixed hair in the name of human hair extensions will give you products that will not blend with your natural hair. It will look weird, it will have a different look and feel than your real hair and it will not last as long as pure real human hair.

Let's be environment conscious and only support brands that are giving back to the society, after all there is truly no Planet B.

I hope this helps, see ya again soon with your hot questions answered.

Love xx

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