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How to choose the right hair topper?


This is your girl Nidhi and today I wanted to talk about a topic that is very close to my heart - hair loss. I myself suffer from hair thinning and I exactly know what it's like for you ladies - you have Gemeria's unending support and sympathy.

survey of hair loss

Hair thinning is the most common of problems in the world. There isn't a lot of representation around this area of human vulnerability and yet are quite used to seeing men with hair loss and baldness but somehow we have held women to this unrealistic standard that they must always have voluminous hair. Even old aged women represented in popular culture as women with platinum white dense hair that is often long and full.

This is scary. While it is true that men are more prone to hair fall than women, 21 million women suffer from hair loss every year according to the International Hair Society and this number has been increasing. This number does not include women who suffer from hair loss due to medical conditions autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), anaemia, and skin conditions such as psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis. Women also suffer from significant hair loss postpartum.

This is a tiny percentage and most hair loss cannot be unfortunately reversed - although there's no harm trying medications, lifestyle changes and the entire gamut.

hair loss

Because of over 2000 years of patriarchal reigns and beauty standards that are established and penalised by men alone, it is somehow taken for granted that women must always have voluminous hair.

While there is no straightforward solution to this societal unfairness (not without trying), it has had an enormous effect on who we are and how we associate our self-esteem with how we look.

Now there isn't a straightforward solution to this problem. There are certain kinds of hair loss that can be gradually reversed by intake of important vitamins and dietary and lifestyle changes but this process is gradual and slow, painfully so - it could be years before you see results and over a decade before you get back to the hair you once had.

hair thinning

Hair Toppers offer you an instant solution to this grave problem of hair thinning by providing coverage that is made from 100% real human hair. Understanding that while we cannot treat the root cause instantly, we certainly can find a way in which we can come to a truce with the hair loss issue.

hair topper before and after

There are a variety of hair toppers available online, here let us make this process easy for you

What Size of Hair Topper you Should Buy?

hair topper before and after

Take a measuring tape, place it at the beginning of your hair line and take it all the way to the vertical end of how long your hair loss is. Note down the number of inches

Take the measuring tape and now repeat the procedure horizontally and note down the number of inches.

This will give you an idea of how much maximum coverage you might need horizontally and vertically. You'll want a topper that will completely cover this area. Always remember - the first number denotes horizontal coverage and the second one denotes vertical coverage.

How to Choose the Length of the Topper?

The length of the topper should be approximately equal to the length of your hair - one or two inches up and down won't matter but the closer the length, the better.

How to Choose the Colour of the Topper?

The colour of the topper will have to match the colour of your hair. The best way to find out is to examine your hair in sunlight and then pick a shade.

Which Topper Should I Buy?

If you have no budget constraints, the best topper to buy is the Silk Topper. The Silk Topper is designed in a way that the hair seems to be coming right out of the scalp like fabric which gives an absolute realistic look, even when it is seen up close.

silk hair topper
silk hair topper

If you are looking for a topper that is in the medium range then the Essential Hair Topper should be your go-to. The Essential Topper is hand knotted on a mono-filament base which gives a scalp like look and can be worn everyday. The only thing to remember is that knots are visible up close in the Essential Topper. So basically if someone is half an inch away from your scalp, they can see the knots but then that's highly unlikely (and honestly weird of someone does a scalp examination for you)

Essential hair topper
Essential hair topper

Lace Toppers are budget toppers, they're inexpensive and they get the job done as efficiently, the knots are visible up close. The longevity of the lace topper is questionable and it has an artificial scalp like parting.

lace hair topper
lace hair topper

If you have extreme thinning then the Volume Topper will become your best friend, Volume Toppers give a tremendous amount of volume while covering up your thinning. These are available in 6x8 which is enough for covering any thinning you might have.

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volume hair topper
volume hair topper

That's it for today folks, if you have any queries or concerns just drop me an email at You can also reach us via Instagram @gemeriaindia or WhatsApp us through the website.

Cya next time.

Nidhi xx

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