The Magical World Of Browns - Seamless Single Clip Highlights

The Magical World Of Browns - Seamless Single Clip Highlights

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Hi Gems

This is your girl Nidhi and today we are going to talk about the best colour that you can choose for yourself.

I often get inquiries as to which colour you could choose especially if you don't wanna go all funky. Well here is your guide to understanding and choosing the subtle yet outstanding hair extensions.

Since the Indian skin tone ranges from a lighter shade of brown to its complete gradient, brown highlights are the most popular choice among our customers. We instinctively tend to choose browns because its easier for us to imagine ourselves rocking that look.

Another reason brown is a lovely colour when it comes to us Indians is that our hair is naturally on the darker side, even the lightest natural Indian hair is a light brown. So brown mixes in perfectly with our hair, blending naturally and giving a complete look.

So here is our ranking of our most popular browns:

  1. Golden Brown:
    Golden Brown is the most popular Gemeria Seamless Single Clip Highlight. It's our highest selling product and is very popular with women of all ages. It's no surprise though because a hint of gold with our preferred colour is always a hit.

    This goes with all kinds of traditional and western outfits so whenever in doubt, choose golden brown.

  2. Chocolate Brown

    Who doesn't love the luxurious feel of smooth chocolate? Chocolate Brown is the second on our list but the competition between the first and the second has been very very close. Chocolate Brown is a shade of milk chocolate - smooth and shiny yet subtle.

  3. Dark Brown

    Dark Brown is popular with people who want a very subtle look when they are getting ready and our dark brown is quite the hero in this area. The best part of the colour is that in the right light it can look different, good different and completely change your look. Implying, it looks sombre in your meeting room but it shines through when you are on a brunch date!

  4. Copper Brown

    Copper Brown is a scrumptious colour which has the feel of rich copper. This one is popular with my girls who want a little more spice in their hairstyle. The good thing is that it goes with all your hairstyles and your outfits.

    This can be your occasional 'feeling fancy' kinda hairdo.

  5. Light Ash Brown

    Talking of special occasions, our light ash brown hair extensions are most popular with our traveller chicks as it looks deliciously good with all travel dreamy outfits and they're very travel friendly.

All Gemeria extensions are made from 100% real human hair. This why they blend in perfectly. If you have any further doubts about which ones to choose then consider reading this particular article.

In any case feel free to get in touch with me at and I'll be happy to solve any of your queries. You can also DM us on Instagram @gemeriaindia or send us a WhatsApp message through the icon on the bottom right.

I'll see you guys soon with another hair-licious topic. Till then ciao bella


Nidhi xx

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