My Experience With Our Volume Topper Sale

My Experience With Our Volume Topper Sale


I am very excited to share with you a personal account of what I experienced during our Volume Topper FLAT 15% OFF Sale which by the way is still on. The response has been overwhelming in the best way possible and I want to share with you the more humane side of this story.

We chose the Volume Topper for a product sale because (among other reasons) I strongly believe that the Volume Topper is one of our absolute best products. Trust me if you would just hold the topper in your hand you'd know what I am saying.

It has a 6 inches wide and 8 inches long base which is shaped in a manner that fits the crown area perfectly. This means that whatever hair thinning you might have will definitely will get covered with the Volume Topper. To top that, it is made of a mono filament base which gives a realistic scalp experience, something that we are all looking for in a hair topper.ย 

The Volume Topper has the hair density of a natural healthy hair scalp. which means - for instance - if someone with extreme hair thinning wears the hair topper, it looks like they have naturally good hair (all the while covering up the baldness) but if someone with good hair volume wears the Volume Topper, it doubles your natural volume and gives this beautiful effect.

I met a range of women over the past week at our studio in Greater Noida, they came in looking for different products, volumizers, side patches etc. I recommended they give the Volume Topper a shot. When they wore it, it gave them this gorgeous hair lift which honestly was surreal to see because their face lit up in a gorgeous smile. When I saw these women flipping their hair like a soap opera actress, smiling into the neon lights of the studio, I realised that this right here is my purpose, my motivation to keep bringing this product to all women everywhere.

I am quite pompous to tell you that all of these women bought the Volume Topper at the best imaginable discount. However the topper seamed to be solving different problems in different women. One of them bought it because it seemed like an excellent way of hiding her greying roots while giving that extra volume. I met another woman who wanted to hide the damage that was cause by a hair straightening treatment she had taken and yes, the Volume Topper fixed that wonderfully.

The beautiful thing about a creative product is that it can be perceived creatively by different people. For instance, I didn't think of it that a Volume Topper is a quicker and easier substitute for the 7 Set if you plan to wear it everyday.

I even met a woman who bought a second Volume Topper because it was convenient for her as she wore the topper everyday and wanted an extra one for special occasions.

Now I am beginning to understand why rich people have a section of their closets with wigs stands in them. It's about fashion that is convenient and fun.

I would love to know what you think of the Volume Topper, I'm sure you will have your own take on the entire game.

Bear in mind, we have a running discount for the Volume Topper till stocks last so do not miss on this golden opportunity and get your Volume Topper today. If you have any doubts about length or colour, use the WhatsApp Icon to get in touch with me or write me a mail at

See you again, sooner rather than later


Nidhi xx

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