DAY 1 Hair Shopping For Christmas / New Years Eve : Simple is AMPLE

DAY 1 Hair Shopping For Christmas / New Years Eve : Simple is AMPLE

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Hi Gems!
I am so so excited because Christmas is almost here,

the church bells have begun to ring as we come to a gleeful end of November. There are amazing things still about to happen before the year ends. It's that rocking Christmas Party, the New Year's Party, or both (for some of us). This is your time to dazzle and who says your hair should be plain while you take the world by storm? I think what product you must use for your hair completely depends upon your outfit. Let us help you match your sizzling vibe with some of our best recommendations.

Here are some recommendations if you're planning to go a little low-key or high fashion this Christmas.

This is playing it safe, a little splash of subtle colour, some accessories and you are good to go through that corporate Christmas fundraiser! Make sure you use at least 10 so it looks a little natural while keeping it low-key

You can never go wrong with bangs! This picture shows that a single tic-tac clip can completely transform your look into something ecclesiastical. And why shouldn't it, it accentuates the beauty of your face!

Simplicity can be very alluring and especially so if you have a mind dazzling ponytail. These ponytail extensions will amplify your youth and make you look like a million dollars without any discomfort

Think Rapunzel meets Julia Roberts in this simple yet fantastic transformation that will turn every head in the room as your flick your hair back and grab a drink. Life's too short to have hair that doesn't make a statement. 

A little more color, a little more drama. These Chocolate Brown 7 Set Extensions are perfect for family get-togethers where you want to be your confident self but not in so many words. Let your hair speak for itself. 

Did someone say D R A M A  ? Oopsie-daisies the Deep Curly Half Head Wig has got all the hot sauce in the world and it is ready for that storm we mentioned earlier, easier to use, and very convenient to carry if you are traveling.

So this is my first batch of recommendations. I'm excited to see if you like anything. Per usual, drop me a mail at and I'll get back to you soon. 


Nidhi xx

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