What is the proper way to style clip-in hair extensions?

What is the proper way to style clip-in hair extensions?

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Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add length, volume, or both to your hair. If they are made of actual hair, you can heat style them, add highlights, or dye them to match your own hair colour. While hair extensions can receive a bad rap when treated incorrectly, they are wonderfully beautiful when done well.

If you want to add length or volume to your hair for special events, Clip in hair extensions are the least permanent option. They only require around 5 to 15 minutes to apply, and you may put them on and take them off whenever you like. Just clip the pieces to your natural hair once each clip opens up effortlessly.
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  •     Choosing the Right Extension Type and Color for Your Hair

You must take your own hair's texture, length, and type into consideration while selecting clip-in hair extensions. Choose your hair type first because different extensions will suit your type better than others.

It's also crucial to match the closest shade of extensions to the colour of your original hair. Secondly, think about the desired extensions' length and thickness. Finally, to ensure you get high-quality extensions, check reviews and purchase from a reliable source. You can locate the best clip-in extensions with a little study and the proper product.

  •     Preparing Your Hair and Extensions for Styling

The extensions should be brushed with fresh brushes.

Beginning at the ends, gently brush the hair. Never drag a brush straight through the wefts without first detangling it. If the hair is severely knotted, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it before brushing.

Make Your Extensions Prior to actually

When you style the wefts while they are on your head, you risk damaging the roots of your natural hair. Moreover, it could make your extensions appear harsh. For these reasons, pre-styling your hair extensions before wearing them is a smart idea.

You should brush and dry your hair.

Even though these extensions are only temporary, your natural hair should be clear of tangles, knots, and dirt. As usual, wash your hair, then air dry it or blow dry it using a hairdryer. Once it's smooth and free of knots, brush your hair.

Make sure to neatly style your hair when using clip-in extensions.

You must keep them silky and tangle-free no matter which style you pick. If they don't, they won't blend in with your natural hair. If they don't, they won't match your natural hair. Also, not separating your extensions makes them more likely to tangle and break.

Also, if you straighten or curl your knotted extensions, your hair can become stiff or frizzy. To make it simpler to detangle your hair, apply a gel or serum.

Keep Your Extensions Clean and Dry While Storing

It's crucial to wear your extensions appropriately, but it's just as crucial to store them properly. Correct preservation can preserve the wefts' beauty, natural texture, and look while also extending their lifespan.

Thus, choose a proper, clean, and dry spot to store your extensions rather than just putting them around.

  •   Styling Tips for Different Types of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Using clip-in extensions to style hair is easy, despite what it might appear like. It's time to style your hair after all of your clip-in extensions have been positioned. To produce a smooth look, comb or brush the extensions into your natural hair.

Be sure to routinely wash your clip-in extensions.

Hair extensions need to be cleaned and maintained just like genuine hair does. Every six to eight wears—or more frequently if you use a lot of product—wash your clip-ins. Employ sulphate- and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner, dab your hair with a towel, and let it air dry.

Prevent Prolonged Heating

It is not a good idea to frequently use heat tools on your hair extensions, whether they are clip-in, tape, or another form. You could be tempted to use your wefts to create beachy waves or perfectly straight locks. Nevertheless, using heat tools excessively might harm the wefts in ways that are impossible to repair. In addition to shortening their longevity, it can damage their texture and silkiness.

Make appointments in order to keep your extensions.

However, as extensions have grown out, they don't look as attractive. The length of the extensions you select will determine how long they last. Don't wear hair extensions that are only supposed to last six weeks for three months. Your hair may become weighed down by this, causing breakage and damage.

Choose the Proper Brush

Your normal brush or comb may yank at the extensions' roots, causing the hair strands to come out. As a result, you want to think about purchasing a brush designed specially for hair extensions, like a loop brush, detangling brush, or wig brush. These brushes are made to prevent the wefts from being pulled or snagged.

  •   Common Mistakes to Avoid When Styling Clip-In Hair Extensions

Never go to bed with wet hair.

Before going to bed at night, make sure your hair is completely dry. Sleeping with wet or damp hair extensions can be a complete nightmare because it results in severe tangling, matting, and knots.

Never compromise on quality

Hair extensions of high quality are something you should invest in. It is worth spending more money on hair extensions that blend in well and resemble your genuine hair because the goal is for hair extensions to look as natural as possible. When it comes to extensions, quality is never something to be compromised on!

Prevent Prolonged Heating

It is not a good idea to frequently use heat tools on your hair extensions, whether they are clip-in, tape, or another form. Even while using style and heat tools, you must keep the temperature as low as possible. Before using a styling tool on the extensions, spray them with a heat protectant.

 Although clip-in hair extensions can withstand heat better than their synthetic equivalents, care must be taken because they are not completely heat resistant.


  •   How to Maintain Your Clip-In Hair Extensions' Style and Quality

Use Soft, Gentle Products to Care for Your Extensions.

Chemical pre-treatment is included with hair extensions. Hence, using strong chemicals to the wefts is not a smart idea. Shampoos and conditioners with alcohol and sulphate bases can harm your extensions.

Always use soft, gentle products to care for your wefts. Furthermore, refrain from blow-drying your wefts because the high heat might cause them to lose moisture because your scalp's natural oils aren't getting to them. After a wash, if you don't have time to let the extensions air dry, you might, in a rush, use a blow dryer set to the lowest temperature.

Handle them like you would your own hair.

You can wash your extensions in the shower with your natural hair if they are micro linked, taped, or sewn in. But use caution to avoid losing your extensions. They won't live as long if you treat them too harshly.

Products To Avoid

Making sure you're using the right products is one of the most crucial things to think about when choosing the best hair extensions online. Whether your extensions tangle or stay soft and controllable will depend entirely on this. It is essential to buy alcohol- and sulphate-free products. These substances deplete the hair's natural oils, making it drier and more prone to tangling or matting.


Hair extensions have become so popular that most women consider them essential. With clip-in hair extensions, you can modify your appearance right away without sacrificing the health of your hair. For months on end, you can have a magnificent, full head of hair with the proper upkeep and care. You can buy clip in hair extensions from Gemeria that complement your own hair because they come in a variety of textures, lengths, and colours.

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