Talking about our top 5 best selling Single Clip Highlights

Talking about our top 5 best selling Single Clip Highlights


This is your girl Nidhi and today we would talk about our brand new COMBO DEAL that is going to make your jaw drop! Before I get into the minute details I want you to know that our products are designed to help you shine brighter and every product you ever purchase from Gemeria is given to you as the GEM you are.

Hair extensions is a whole jam-packed universe full of unusual surprises and the best way to begin with them is by using the easiest and fairly flashy product - Single Clip Highlights. Single Clip Highlights find a remarkable way of adding colour to your hair without actually having to use hair damaging products like bleach and ammonia. This is convenient because if you're going for a more sombre ambience, you can simply take your highlights off, something that is impossible if you dye your own hair.

Highlights also have other advantages, while adding colour they also add volume to your hair which makes these highlights all the more alluring. We have sold over a million units of our highlights and we say a trend taking shape. There were a few colours that were flying off shelves faster than the other ones. When we took a deeper look we realised that these were colours that suited our complexion perfectly, these were colours that brought the best out of our desi skin colour.

We held a poll in order to be sure about the popularity of these products and most women chose one of these five colours. We decided that if Indian women love these colours we should make these colours more accessible, which is why we launched the Best Selling Highlights Combo.

Best Selling Highlights Combo is a pack of 6 highlights from any of our best sellers. 6 highlights adds the perfect amount of colour and volume to your hair and makes it look fabulous. Let me introduce you to the colours that are the shining stars of this combo

Chocolate Brown : This colour is brown with hints of red and green in it, it resembles the colour of chocolate, It is a brown that has depth and goes really well with black or brown hair without being too obvious. This is perfect if you want to wear highlights to work.

Copper Brown : Copper Brown is a shade of Brown that has higher red elements and a metallic gleam to it. It is one of the best shades that go for both formal and informal occasions.

Burgundy : Burgundy is a FAVOURITE among the Indian audience, there isn't a plausible explanation to this one, people just look this plum twist on brown.

Wine Red : A colour that will catch everyone's eye, this particular red is vibrant yet sombre, giving a composed look.

Golden Blonde : Gentleman love blondes, well so do women and this golden blonde colour is just what you need to brighten up your day and arguably of the ones around you.

Three out of five of these colours have been on our website since the very beginning and they have never failed to entice our audience. Because these are real human hair extensions they look natural and blend with your hair easily and inconspicuously. What's more is that if you wear hair toppers or the half head wig, you can easily pair them up with these highlights to create a funkier and more elegant look. These highlights are washable, they can be re-coloured and you can use your heating tools on them to make them look a bit more like the texture of your own hair.



If you have naturaly wavy hair, just wet the extensions, scrunch them and let them air dry, you'll defintely get that easy breezy wavy texture instantly. Make sure you comb your hair once you have worn the hair extensions, this practice will make sure that the hair in your extensions will get mixed with your own hair easily to give a natural effect.

So what are you waiting for, get them highlights (on discount!) and rock them like a queen that you are.

If you're in the mood for something flashy, consider our Clip-In Tinsel that adds sparkle to your hair without any damage. These go especially well with parties, or a fun Sunday brunch with your girl friends, be sure to check it out.

If you have any questions regarding this product or hair extensions in general, feel free to get in touch with me at

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