Easy Hair Extensions If You Want to Keep Your Hair Short And Classy

Easy Hair Extensions If You Want to Keep Your Hair Short And Classy


Welcome to another blog post where we talk about the most exciting hair trends in fashion! Today we are going to talk about two products you're going to swear by this summer.

Short hair has its own allure, and ever since the 1920s it has been both a sign of rebellion and an effort to stay comfortable as more and more women began working in factories and offices as a direct result of the industrial revolution. Audrey Hepburn is one of these pioneering women who went out of her way to popularise the short haired girl. Her bangs especially in Roman Holiday were to die for. Later on Helen had enviable short tresses that shook Bollywood to the very core.

The short hair trend has undergone an evolution of sorts ever since the first of our tribe rocked this hair cut with pride - one of the most important reasons why women have short hair is because it is manageable.

Along with being super manageable it also allows you to take care of the health of your hair health and that of your scalp. It doesn't have complications of breakage and matting that long hair often accompanies and is therefore a brilliant way of creating an atmosphere that encourages hair growth.

In any case, if you're in the mood to rock short hair this summer here are some super easy ways in which you can spice up your look:

Clip-In Bangs

Because of the kind of pollution stricken environment we live in, most of us avoid bangs or go for curtain bangs. But girls let's be real, bangs make us cute as buttons in an instant. This is where Clip-In Bangs come into the picture. Clip-In Bangs are easy to use, you just make a middle parting and then attach the bangs with the easy to use tic tac clip.

These bangs are made from 100% real human hair which is why they are a girl's best friend. They look natural and have an invisible hairline that helps it camouflage in your own hair. These are (like all Gemeria products) very easy to use. You just have to make sure you use a flat iron and straighten the bangs in an inward motion (you can check out our videos for reference).

These bangs are available in four different colours, so even if you have coloured hair or naturally brown hair - you have your choice of natural colours to choose from. Moreover, bangs are also available with sides, this comes especially in handy if you have a wide forehead.

If you have a little bit of hair thinning at the front, bangs can help cover that up too, however if you have extreme hair thinning you might want to look into our range of hair toppers.

Faux Scrunchie Bun

Even with small hair you might want to tie it up from time to time and the only downside to that is a teeny-tiny bun. Well we have a solution for that as well. The Faux Scrunchie Bun is basically a human hair donut, use it like a scrunchie it fits right onto your bun and makes it like refined, voluminous and fabulous.

The Faux Scrunchie Bun is a favorite among women of all ages because it makes it super convenient to wear your hair up while looking absolutely beautiful. The Faux Scrunchie Bun refines your messy bun and doubles its volume to give a gorgeous, effortless look.

It is also very easy to use, you just use it like a regular scrunchie: PULL IT. TWIST IT. AND TADAAA.

  • After every use, make sure you detangle the bun and store it properly to maintain its shape, check out our videos for more info

You can use these products together or independently, depending on the day or your mood. The good news is that these two are available in a combo deal here at a discount.

Get yourself the best hair extensions for this summer and rock it like the diva you are at every party!

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