Transforming your hair is easy!

Transforming your hair is easy!

The most popular reasons for wearing clip-in hair extensions is that they help to lengthen your hair immediately. Waiting for your hair to grow out can take a long time. Sometimes you want to feel like you have long locks again! Fortunately, clip-in hair extensions are available in a wide range of colors and lengths, so you'll be able to find one that matches your current cooler and texture of your original hair.



They also make your hair thicker, which is an excellent benefit. It will also add volume to your hair. Although clip-in hair extensions are perfect for improving the appearance of your hair.

Real Hair Extensions will last longer and will be easier to maintain as you can style them just the way you style your own hair. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled and they can get difficult to maintain because they're of a different configuration as compared to your own hair.



Always prefer real human hair extensions, if you can, choose unprocessed or raw hair extensions because they are of the purest quality. Ensure that the hair is cutically aligned because that's the one that will blend perfectly with your own.

The primary benefit of clip-in hair extensions is simple to apply & also saving your money on costly salon visits. You can wear these extensions wherever you want, and you won't need to use any heat, glue & any specialist hand to do so.



They will install in your head with three basic step:

  • Section off your hair and brush out any tangles near your roots.

  • Place the clip-in extension section on your head.

  • Clip and secure the extension with light, gentle pressure. After that, you can move on to the next section of hair.

Hair with high porosity absorbs everything at lightening fast speed but is unable to retain that moisture - also called moisture lock. This is bad for your hair and it is certainly a reason for hair loss.

High hair porosity is caused by two major factors : excessive exposure to UV rays, chemical bleaching and colouring.

As a rule of thumb, anything that damages your hair makes it more porous. This causes extreme frizziness and dryness.



 Use a hair topper when going through a rough season with your hair

Simplicity can be very alluring and especially so if you have a mind dazzling ponytail. These ponytail extensions will amplify your youth and make you look like a million dollars without any discomfort

A little more color, a little more drama. These Chocolate Brown 7 Set Extensions are perfect for family get-togethers where you want to be your confident self but not in so many words. Let your hair speak for itself.

A hair topper's influence on a woman's personality goes beyond the cosmetic for ladies who are battling hair loss or thinning hair. They restore your confidence while also allowing you to maintain a specific appearance. They're light and simple to use, and they're great for creating volume to the top of your head by just clipping them into your hair.



Gemeria Hair topper are available in various shapes and sizes, as well as lengths and thicknesses, and the best thing you can wear it for the whole day without any hussle.

They're composed entirely of REMY human hair. Some provide more excellent top covering, while others focus on the sides or back of the head. Some are even create with the sole intention of giving volume to fine or thin hair.

Are you also having weak roots or thin hair or little thinning?

Or don’t want the hassle of putting the whole seven sets clip-in hair extension?



If you also said -yes! Then you should grab this Half Head Hair Wig!

Gemeria Half head wig has a seamless and invisible hairline that looks like the hair is coming out from your roots. It will also blend perfectly in your concise hair without any hassle, unlike 7 set extensions, which is a tedious task to blend.

Gemeria half wig not only help you in getting long and voluminous hair but also saves you from the regular heat damage that we do on our hair, whether to blend the 7 set clip-in hair extensions. Wigs are fantastic, but they may be pretty time-consuming to maintain. After all, you're dealing with a complete head of hair, so proceed with caution while dealing with wigs. On the other hand, Clip-ins are significantly easier to maintain, and they come with substantially less hair, which reduces the time spent washing and caring for it. Take the extensions from your head, comb them through to eliminate knots, then wash them with cold water and moisturizing shampoo. Let it dry naturally, and that's all there is to it!



Hair thinning is a constant complaint with women. Our TV Commercials are full of shampoo commercials that promise zero shedding and our social media feeds are full of skin care brands pegging some or the other serum, mousse and what-nots that are meant to restore the falling of hair.

While you take care of your hair through remedies that actually work for you, you might need a replacement that fixes your hair thinning in an inconspicuous manner. I will demonstrate this by drawing on my own experience. I have been suffering from unusual hair loss since I was sixteen, I have a widened parting. Initially I thought it was because I was parting my hair the same way for too long. Changing the parting did not help, my mom kept trying all the tricks under her sleeve, even took me to a dermatologist. But nope nothing worked.

I'll let you into a secret, wear your hair topper and get a haircut, your topper will become so customised to your style that it will add ten more stars to your already shining new-look. I have met plenty of women who wear the volume topper even when they don't have hair thinning. This is because of the spectacular amount of volume that the topper provides and gives you that dense, shampoo commercial hair style.

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