The easiest way to increase hair volume

The easiest way to increase hair volume

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I am often asked what is the best place to start using hair extensions. Here is the cheat sheet you can use to start falling in love with hair extensions. I hope this will help you find a way to be your absolute fabulous self.  

We all love those gorgeous curls fall over a model's back in the shampoo commercials, the hair seems transcendent - as if it has been coming from a completely different dimension, almost divine. We have all watched in awe this stunt for years, ever since we were little girls watching cartoons on television. I'm here to tell you that your dreamy hair vision can be a reality.

The Volumizer is the most effective way of getting that extra oomph of hair volume that you need. Let us look into how this particular product can live up to its promise.

The Volumizer comes in 3 different varieties : One Set Clip In Volumizer, 2 Set Clip In Volumizer and 3 Set Clip In Volumizer

1. One Set Clip In Volumizer

The One Set Clip-In Volumizer is a single set that includes four easy to use tic tac clips. It adds an extra layer of silky soft hair to your already gorgeous hair, because these are made from real human hair they fit in perfectly and look natural. This is only if you need just a tad bit of extra volume. 

2. Two Set Clip IN Volumizer

If you're looking for extra volume on your sides then this is the best option for you. I remember once a valued client of ours took a two piece volumizer and dyed it the colour of her hair and I swear she looked like Danerys. It just shows that you can transform your hair by being creative with hair extensions.

What's more is that you can place the clips according to what suits you the best and thus create the look that you are envisioning.

3. 3 Set Clip In Volumizer

The 3 Set Clip In Volumizer is basically the first two combined, it has a single four clip piece to add volume to the hair at the back and two piece on each side at the front. This adds ample volume to the hair, almost double from what you usually have.

The best part about the three piece volumizer is that it comes in balayage highlights of various colours so that you can add colour to your hair without the risk of adding bleach and ammonia to your hair.

The important thing is to figure out how much volume you need in your hair and how you want the hair to look. These Volumizers are designed so that you can wear them everyday without worrying about any discomfort or any worry of having them being seen.

The colours we offer are such that they can be used for both official as well as informal party-like events.

Life's too short to have ordinary hair. The Volumizer is the best place to start using hair extensions as they are both affordable and fabulous.

I hope this guide serves you well. If you have any doubts you can get in touch with at I love hearing from you guys! I'll see you again with another set of tricks from my hat.

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