Trend Alert: Top 3 Hair Colours For Indian Skin Tones That Are Trending

Trend Alert: Top 3 Hair Colours For Indian Skin Tones That Are Trending

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This is your girl Nidhi and today we shall talk about a super hot topic of discussion in every salon across the entire country : which hair colour to choose?

Indian skin ranges from golden-yellowish to a light brown. This is of course an approximate range and there are exceptions. But the fact that we all have a yellow tone in our skin colour is undeniable. Our eye colour is often ranging from dark brown to black and sometimes a light brown. These factors matter a lot when deciding which colour will suit your hair.  

The entire idea of colouring your hair is to have an overall 'look' that speaks for your sense of aesthetic and your personality.

Now lets look at what is HOT, shall we?

 1. Ash Brown Balayage

 Ash brown is brown dialed down with hints of grey in it, it is a colour on the cooler side and it is often used when going for a humble, sophisticated and elegant look. 

Zendaya is our absolute queen of fashion and her versatile roles on screen and in the fashion industry have commanded a solid metamorphosis of her fashion sense and as a corollary her hair colour.  



Her skin is akin to Indian skin, Ash brown is a gorgeous colour for anyone with skin that has more of cooler tones, that's wheatish or darker. 

Karishma Tanna dons this beautifully, it's a colour that blends in with your style perfectly.




2. Caramel Brown Balayage

Caramel Brown is Ash Brown's glamoourous twin - it is still sophisticated and elegant but it goes for a more glamorous finish as opposed to Ash Brown's grounded finesse. 

Look at the Bollywood Queen Kareena Kapoor rock these effortlessly, aren't you in love already?





Chocolate Brown Balayage

Saving the best for last, this is 2022s most popular colour in India. It's practically on every television screen and it deserves that attention because it is hopelessly gorgeous and matches perfectly with our natural skin and hair undertones. 




 Jhanvi Kapoor looks so scrumptious in these, we are all STANS



Anushka Sharma in Paris a look that we cannot resist, the girl next door has officially put her approval on Chocolate Brown Balayage



Well the only downside is that these colours cannot be achieved without the use of bleach. Bleach destroys hair cuticles and causes hair loss, hair breakage and damage that can be often irreversible. 

Make sure you check out our range of Coloured Volumizers, 7 Set Extensions, and Half Head Wigs that are all available in these very colours that can help you achieve the desired look without hair damage. 

That's it for today folks, I'll see you guys again with some exciting hair trends, meanwhile if you have any doubts, drop me an email at


Nidhi xx

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