How To Increase Hair Volume?

How To Increase Hair Volume?


This is your girl Nidhi and today I have come to your with another popular question that our clients ask us quite often. HOW TO INCREASE HAIR VOLUME?

If you're looking to increase your hair volume then this one is for you, we constantly get queries as to how to increase hair volume.

Increasing hair volume is a growing concern in a world full of pollution and chemically nourished vegetation. Today we will try to figure out which are the viable ways in which you can increase your hair volume.

Curly Hair Is A Saviour



Have you noticed that your curly hair friends seldom complain about hair volume? There's a very good reason for that

Curly hair, by the nature of its texture is voluminous. There are various ways in which you can achieve higher volume with curly hair. Most of us have naturally wavy hair. Using a curl cream and a diffuser can go a long way when it comes to increasing the volume of your hair. It accentuates the natural texture of your hair and is damage free. You can skip the curl cream and simply scrunch your hair a few times after it is washed and let it air-dry to achieve a similar texture.

The diffuser definitely helps though.

Short Hair To The Rescue



Short hair that is cut in a blunt manner is a popular one when it comes to increasing hair volume. There's no science to it except that it is focused completely utilising hair volume from all of your strands.

Layers might give more volume at the crown, but a blunt cut gives you thickness and, as it follows, overall volume like no other.

Hot Towel Therapy



Hot Towel Therapy is a popular way of increasing your hair volume along with several other benefits. Your hair gets steamed because of the ambience the hot towel creases around your hair and your scalp when your turban it. This is also a great way to keep your waves and curls intact, glassy and voluminous.

Use an external aid



Volumizers are a great way of increasing hair volume instantly. These are made from real human hair and they get attached with easy-to-use tic tac clips. Ultimately they add up to 2x more volume in your hair and when paired with the hacks I have mentioned above this can be a fantastic hit.

The best part is that there are volumizers available that cannot only increase the volume of your hair but add colour as well - without you having to damage your hair from bleach and ammonia.

That's it for today girls, I will soon get back to you with another popular question. Till then, have only good hair days.

Nidhi xx

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