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Ultimate Guide to Ponytail Hair Extension: Tips, Benefits, and How to Use It?

We understand that maintaining long hair is not easy. Hair always demands proper care and if you have long hair, you will have to face daily fights for keeping them healthy, bouncy, and damage-free. However many women can’t afford that as their busy city lifestyle doesn’t allow it to be. Many women today prefer to keep short hair or medium size hair. But what they miss are the looks and style of long fluffy hair. You know women always want to be stylish and hair plays a role in that. Not having long & sleek hair prevents you from getting stunning head-turning hairstyles. If you don’t have silky, thick, naturally long hair then you need not worry as all of it can be yours. You can go for a ponytail hair extension that can add volume & length to your hair temporarily. Our ponytail extensions are made of real hair and set you up for all kinds of functions- professional or personal. 

What is Ponytail Hair Extension?
Ponytail hair Extensions

Ponytail hair extensions are made & designed to add thickness and length to your hair. As it is real hair, it gives you a great compliment and feels like the originals. The result of using a ponytail hair extension is bouncy, volume-rich, and healthy-looking hair. Ponytail hair extensions are great for events when you want to create different looks such as a bun or braid. 

A ponytail extension is generally 18-20 inches long and is made of real hairs, synthetic, and nylon as well. Choose real hairs only even if you have options in hand as it will give you a soft, realistic result. Keep a storage bag for your hair extensions in order to keep that untangled and in good condition for long time use.

Benefits of Ponytail Hair Extension:

There are many benefits that a woman should get with a temporary ponytail hair extension. On personal levels, it can give countless benefits but some of the most common benefits are as follows. 

1. You Get Longer, Bouncy Ponytail Every Time:

If you have short or medium-sized hair or you are suffering through hair dryness or bitterness, Ponytail hair extensions are a good choice to go with. It gives you an instant solution to get rid of your bad hair. You can use these for making an impression at any party or formal function without worrying that you will look bad or damaged. These give you a longer bouncy hairstyle each time. 

2. It Gives You More Hairstyle Possibilities:

Want to try more possible hairstyles but your hair doesn’t allow it? As you know that some hairstyles can damage your hair, especially when they are dry & damaged. The length & volume of your hair are the problems too. It is about to change when you use a hair extension. With 18-20 inch long natural bouncy hairs, you can now try any look & hairstyle. 

3. Easy & Quick Application:

Its application is super simple. There is a clip given in the extension. Fix it on your hair and you are ready. At first, it may take a few more minutes. But with practice, you will become faster at it. It will be a matter of 1-2 minutes of using ponytail hair extensions. 

4. A Transformation of Hairs When Needed:

Women don’t wash their hair each day. As a result, their hairs are not always ready to land on a function in its complete beauty. A ponytail hair extension gives you a complete transformation by hiding your natural hairs and adding bounce to them. 

5. It Is Comfortable to Use:

Hair extensions are comfortable to use. It has bobby pins & Velcro base which stick to your hair for a night of celebrations or just some casual good time for looking fabulous. 

6. You Need Not Commit to Permanent Hair Extensions:

You will find long-term hair extensions in the market easily. But as an individual, you may or may not like them on your hair adding thickness to your hairstyle each time. Carrying a hair extension all the time for longer & thicker hairs can make you off. Gemeria Ponytail hair extensions are temporary and made of real hair so that you always get easy & best styles. 

7. Offers You a Wide Range of Hair Extension Options:

We all have different hair types. It means you can’t just go and choose one hair extension randomly. You must check out the texture, length, and hair type before you choose one. Give some little time to your research and you will find the right one available in the market. 

8.    Helps You Save Money:

Temporary hair extensions are affordable in comparison to permanent hair extensions. Also, these require less maintenance, give you excellent volume & thickness and also save your regular salon visiting cost for your hair. 

9. Easy Care Procedure:

Ponytail hair extensions are not very difficult to take care of. But you must remember some tips. Keep them in the clip bag only and use a little brushing often. Only when they get difficult to style or brush, do you need to wash them. With minimal care, you can use an extension for over a year. 

Note- Washing them too often can reduce the longevity and quality of the product. So keep it in the bag only when you don’t use it. 

How to use Ponytail Hair Extension?

Here is the complete process of using a ponytail hair extension. 

  1. Make a Ponytail: 

Use a brush and place your real hairs in a high-positioned ponytail near your crown. Place slightly higher than you want to wear it. Secure it with a hair tie. 

  1. Brush the extension: 

Before you use the extension, you must brush it first. Your hairstyles will get properly styled & managed easily when extensions are untangled. 

  1. Place the Ponytail Extension: 

Place the clip of your extension underneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Now start wrapping the extension with Velcro and make it secure. 

  1. Conceal the extension: 

For a natural sleek, take a piece of long-tail hair extension and wrap it around the band to conceal it. This will bend your extension in your real hair naturally. 

  1. Make It Secure: 

Now, check the stability & comfort by moving your head around. 


Hair Extensions are a great option when you want to be more gorgeous at a party or enjoy a good time with long hair. We, the team of Gemeria Hair have discussed a complete guide to using ponytail hair extensions and their benefits. We are one of the largest companies offering quality-rich ponytail hair extensions made of rich hairs. Check out our e-commerce section to get the one that suits you. 



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