What to keep in mind while buying hair extensions and how to make sure they last longer?

What to keep in mind while buying hair extensions and how to make sure they last longer?

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This is your girl Nidhi and today we are discussing some super important issues that many of you have raised as concerns around buying hair extensions.

To get your money's worth when it comes to hair extensions, it is important that you choose the right hair extensions. Here's a complete guide that can help you find the best ones, how to test them and how to maintain them to ensure that they last long.

Choose the right hair extensions:

Real vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Real Hair Extensions will last longer and will be easier to maintain as you can style them just the way you style your own hair. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled and they can get difficult to maintain because they're of a different configuration as compared to your own hair.

Always prefer real human hair extensions, if you can, choose unprocessed or raw hair extensions because they are of the purest quality. Ensure that the hair is cutically aligned because that's the one that will blend perfectly with your own.


Shedding : A major concern

Shedding basically means hair falling off your hair extensions. We already have a tough time dealing with our own hair fall, we do not want to invest in hair extensions that will have hair fall too.

Since shedding can be a major concern with hair extension buyers, your hair extension provider will proudly mention the absence of shedding when their product does not have any shedding.

This is often related to the kind of hair extensions provider you're dealing with, all the big players have no shedding as a part of their quality check. If you want to find our whether or not your hair extensions shed, just run your fingers through the extensions and you'll have your answer.

Matting: A major concern

If hair extensions are made by mixing synthetic and real hair, or the quality of the hair is not up to the mark, matting occurs. What exactly is matting? Matting is excessive and unnatural tangling of hair on minimal use.

If you want to check whether your hair extensions are matting, run four fingers in circles a couple of times and then try to swiftly remove your fingers through the hair, if your fingers keep getting stuck unnatural because of excessive tangling, there's some mixing happening in your hair extensions.

Always remember that shedding and matting are a red flag when it comes to hair extensions and must be avoided.

How to make your hair extensions last longer?

Your hair extensions are completely capable of lasting up to a year if you take care of them sensibly. Your extensions are made from real human hair so take care of them like you take care of your own hair.

  • Use a detangling loop brush to comb through your hair extensions, the are good for your hair as well.
  • Do not tie your hair into a very tight pony.
  • Visit the salon every 4 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth for adjustments. 
  • Use paraben-free conditioner and shampoo.
  • Never sleep with your hair still wet.
  • Use a silk pillow and tie your hair as a top bun or a simple braid before sleeping.

If you have any doubts or queries around this you can get in touch with me at care@gemeriahair.in. I love when your guys write to me!

See you next time.

Nidhi xx

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