What are permanent hair extensions?

What are permanent hair extensions?

Hello GEMS!

Welcome back! This is your girl Nidhi again and I have a super exciting announcement for you along with lots of information that can help you choose the most perfect hair extensions. Let's dive straight in!

There are a whole plethora of types of hair extensions and it is important that you know about them before you choose the one that suits you the best. You are already aware of clip-in hair extensions, here's a link for you to browse them.

Moving onto the other kind of hair extensions: permanent hair extensions

Permanent hair extensions are basically hair extensions that are attached to your hair by an expert (hair stylists in salons). These last about a year along with proper care and maintenance. While there are many kinds of permanent hair extensions, today we will be diving into the most popular and effective ones

I'm happy to let you know that we are now offering permanent hair extensions along with

I - Tips

I - Tips are one of the most sought after hair extensions. The reason why they are so popular with hair enthusiasts is because it is attached to your hair without any heat. It gives your hair 360 degree freedom of movement and is the least damaging of all hair extensions.

Our hair grows out every 6 to 8 weeks so the I - Tips can simply be moved upwards without having to remove them or buying new ones (this has to be done by a specialist).

Tape - Ins

Tape - Ins are the easiest of all permanent hair extensions in terms of installation, they come with tape at the upper tip which can simply be peeled and stuck at specific places on the head.

Tape - Ins take the least installation time, we do believe it is best to let an expert do the installation. Tape-Ins do not require any heat in the installation process which is always a plus.

Flat Tips

Flat Tip Hair Extensions are pre-bonded and are considered to be absolutely safe for your hair. These last long as well and can be easily reused by attaching new microbeads.

These lay flat on your head which is why they are virtually invisible and can be used to wear different hairstyles. Installation time is enticing too with only 1 to 2 hours!

U- tips

U - Tip hair extensions are attached to your hair with the help of heat and such devices. The thing about U Tip Extensions is that they easily last for about 9 months! These extensions need to be installed by expert hands only. If they're installed well, they are super comfortable and will become your go-to extensions


Pre-tipped keratin I-tip strand of hair weighing 0.7g to 1g that’s attached using a special application clamping tool to a small cluster of your own hair strand, combined using a copper or aluminum cylinder micro bead. 

These are particularly helpful if you have thin hair and want to increase volume while making it look absolutely natural. Microlink should be installed by a certified and experienced hair professional as mistakes can have adverse effects on your hair.


V - Tips

These bonds are the most versatile and durable of extension attachment technologies. When heat is applied to the keratin (a protein found in hair) bond, it melts and is manually formed and molded to your own hair.

These are super comfortable when done right and are considered the most authentic of all pre-bonded extensions, the south side is that they're tougher to install and on the expensive side.

Choosing the right texture:

Straight: If your hair is keratin treated, straightened, smoothened etc, choose the straight texture.  

Wavy: If your hair is wavy naturally, choose the wavy option and you can straighten it with a flat iron whenever you need to. 

Make sure that you use low heat, a heat protectant when using heating tools on your extensions. If you want to get your hair coloured, get it done from your preferred hair stylist and not at home.

You have to treat your extensions like your own hair as they are made from 100% real human hair.

Let me know which one would you pick and if you have any doubts, you can reach me at care@gemeriahair.in

That's all for today, see you guys with another post.


Nidhi xx

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Name Shivani biswas

Name Shivani biswas

Muje v permanently ke liA hair extensions chahiA

Muje v permanently ke liA hair extensions chahiA

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