How to get longer and fuller hair quickly?

How to get longer and fuller hair quickly?

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Your hair is your crown and we are here to adorn it!

We all have dreams that are a tad bit far from reality and one of those is wanting our hair to be stronger, longer and voluminous in a short period. While the internet is full of hacks and tricks, we have tried them all and none of them seem to work. While growing hair out might take months and a LOT of care and investment of time and money, it is possible to get longer and voluminous hair for that part or function you have had planned.

Weddings, parties or even that special date with a special someone, we are here to make you look your best self on your best day.

We have a whole range of products that can help you attain this but today I'm talking about two of our most beloved productsย 

Let me show you how this happens:

Gemeria provides 100% real human hair extensions online, which means that you don't need to step out of your house (or even your bed) to get those dreamy locks that will give you the look you want. This hair is sourced from South Indian temples, it is real and hair of the highest quality in the whole world. We have been exporting this very hair to countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Europe for the past ten years.

We have two ways in which we can provide a solution to this problem

1. Gemeria Three Set Clip-In Volumizers


Our three set clip-in volumizer comes in a set of three, one piece with four clips and two pieces with two clips. The four clip piece goes above the nape of your neck. The two, two clip sets go on the sides. What this does is, it gives you volume on the sides, as well as at your back.

This is the easiest way in which you can more volume in a matter of minutes. The volumizer also comes in a range of colours so you can always use it to add extra colour in your hair without having to actually colour your hair (which will damage your hair and shatter your dreams of a gorgeous mane of hair).

The volumizer is especially useful for people who have thin hair, it will give you a whole makeover. You can use the volumizer on a daily basis without any hassle, it will save up on your getting ready time.

What's good still is that you can curl, crimp or straighten the volumizer as you like, your hair your rules!

2. Gemeria 7 Set Clip In Extensions

If you're going for a high profile, extra gorgeous hairdo, we recommend you go for the Gemeria 7 Set Clip In Extensions.

There are so many benefits of the 7 Set, fasten your seatbelt ladies!!

The number one benefit is that it will increase your length as much as you'd like, our co-found has 12 inches of her hair and she rocks the 24 inch 7 set like a QUEEN. SO can you.

The 7 set comes in two pieces of 4 clips, one piece of 3 clips and four pieces of 2 clips. The 3 clip set is a sandwich between the two 4 clip sets, right above your nape of your neck. The 2 clip sets go two on each side of your templesย 

Here the weight is divided into 7 pieces so these are as comfortable as they are gorgeous. Now we provide the DIY SIngle Clip In Extensions in three different weights, the higher the weight, the higher the volume. The highest weight we are currently providing is 220 grams.

Now depending on how you want to do your you can switch the placement of the clipsย 

Looking into how we can decide which product is best for us.

Both provide length,

Both provide volume

Both come in different colours

The only difference is that the three clip set is going to be quicker to use as compared to the seven set but the 7 set will provide a more glamorous look as compared to the three-piece volumizer.

Just like you keep your best dress for the best occasions, keep your best hair for the most special occasions and use a quicker solution for your everyday needs.

Now, you don't need to worry about how you are going to store these, these come to you in a briefcase along with a coat bag and a hanger so that your experience is hassle free and smooth.

If you have any doubts about how you'll be using these products, checkout our Youtube channel for tutorials and transformations.

If you are confused about length or which colour to choose, get in touch with us via our website, DM us on Instagram or WhatsApp us and we will be at your service.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the best buying experience.

With Gemeria, hairstyling is easy.

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