Best Hair Colour For College Girls

Best Hair Colour For College Girls


This is your girl Nidhi and today we are going to talk about the best colours to wear this winter without damaging your hair or making it prone to more damage (as we know that winter is no friend of our hair)

Hair colours are never going out of style. But which hair colour to choose can be a bit dicey. Here's an extended version of our guide to hair colour for the latter part of 2022. Let's be real, the best part of the year is at the end of the year. We've got Diwali, & Thanksgiving and Christmas lined up. Hanukkah too.

 Let us understand which colours can give you an edge:

 Some facts to keep in mind:

  1. If using Single Clip HIghlights, you should at least use 8 of them so that their colour is global and blends with your hair naturally.

  2. Using Clip-In Extensions does not harm your hair

  3. All hair extensions mentioned here are made from real human hair, they can be recoloured, flat ironed, and curled. When used well, they last for years.

Now that we have all the facts let's get into some warm fuzzy and hot colours to don this winter!

Copper Brown

Copper Brown is the most sizzling colour this coming winter. WIth it's warm the and depth along with the glimmer of copper, this is a perfect colour when you are all covered up and yet want to make a striking fashion statement.

Best part about copper brown is that it looks different on everyone and in its uniqueness lies its strength.

Golden Brown

Golden Brown is a perennial colour that blooms both in the summer and the frost. But the fact remains that golden brown is a warm colour and for those who want to walk with a lil more swag and a lot more colour.

Deep Magenta

Pink is the hottest colour there is and this particular rendition of pink will take your breath away. It is gorgeous and a fan favourite that you shall not be able to resist. With this colour, little is more - so you can choose the number of highlights depending on how out there you want to be.

Wine Red

If the hot pink seems too much to you and golden brown too subtle - find your yummy middle ground with Wine Red, a colour of that embodies winter and  autumn and the need for that extra cinder warmth that calls out in the deepest darkest of winters.

That's all for today folks, if you need any further assistance, feel free to email me at See you again with another trendy post. Adios.


Nidhi xx

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